This App Gives Your Pet A Mouse Makeover!

Do you know what's way more amusing about using funny filters on you and your friends? Using them on your pets!

And nobody knows this more than East Asia, where the Cymera camera app is trending in Japan and South Korea for its quirky new filter that turns your furry friends into adorable mouse characters.

People have been using it on their cats.

They've been using it on their dogs.

They've been using it on bunnies.

They've even been using it on their pet ferrets.

This level of cuteness only added fuel to the "WANT TO SEE A PICTURE OF MY CAT?" social media fire, with thousands and thousands of Cymera users sharing their mouse kitten pics all over the Internet with the hashtag #Cymera.

What do you guys think? Is this cute or what?

And further, which one of you is going to download Cymera and try it on your cat or dog right now?

Let me know in the comments below (and, of course, if you end up trying this out, make sure to share the pictures here with us on Vingle!)

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