{MCM 30} Day 19 The most scene that gave me the feels

I don't have exactly a MANGA moment that gave me the feels, specifically because I'm thick skinned and reading something takes away the WOW factor for me so I don't get all broken up about stuff. However there was one scene I can relate to so I do have something and yes spoiler warning fair warning HUGE SPOILERS so yeah it's Itachi related so if you haven't gotten through his well everything best you click away now.


Itachi dies....a second time

After a long hard strategic fight, that was awesome as hell in Storm 3 Itachi died for the second time. When he died the first time I didn't care he went out like a boss and showed no NO inclination he was a good guy prior to this fight so a bad guy killed a bad guy, Sasuke gets his revenge they've been building since episode like 3 and life moves on. However when he died the second time it got to me in a way that made me think, why Itachi had to take the path he did why he pushed Sasuke away and forced him essentially to become what he was. I completely got behind it and it was believable, Itachi was a big brother protecting his little brother something I would do as big brother because I am a big brother and this resonated with me.


So what "most scene" gave you the feels? I'd love to see your cards or just comment below :3 I know mine is cheating a little bit, but I just don't have anything in MANGA that made me break down with the feels kamewave x100 so sorry about that :P anyhow you should totally check out@SimplyAwkward for the original post and collection of her cards for the challenge :3 Thanks for reading meh card Arigatou

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