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So I just found this never posted :( So here we go....


Leone - Akame ga Kill Incredibly dangerous, highly skilled and distractingly beautiful. Plus she's got such cute cat ears...


Mine - Akame ga Kill I'm not sure exactly why I like Mine so much. Maybe it's her "Tsun-ny" disposition. Maybe it's because she looks Cute and innocent but has a huge gun and can obliterate you from a mile away... Not really sure. I remember she wasn't too well liked when the series aired, but for some reason I really liked her and still do.

Lucy/Nyuu/Kaede- Elfin Lied It took forever to find this series as a sub, but it was worth it. Depending on which 'version' she is, there are different reasons to like her. My favorite was actually the Kaede version from the orphange. After seeing that side of her, you realized what a complex person she was and felt bad for her, while understanding why she was Lucy. I love yanderes. Nyuu was really cute and totally rounded out the character. Is really like to see an OVA that picks up at the end of the series to find out how all 3 personalities work at one time...

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