Kcon LA ✌️

So, I didn't have the opportunity to get tickets for any of the concerts, but I got to go to the convention and it was a lot of fun! So here have been some photos of my experience so far as well as my experience in LA in general. So we will start from the beginning.

When we were originally supposed to ride economy, we had been switched to first class for free! It was really nice, my boyfriend and I were so happy.

Korean BBQ!!

Those ad things so we could hope to win prizes!

Being able to have fun and bond with my boyfriend at this kcon experience :)

And some things my boyfriend and I have gotten so far at kcon! It is really easy to spend a lot of money there.

All in all, our experience in LA was pretty hectic, but figured out, kcon was great :) I didn't see enough Suga representatives though, I saw a few, that wasn't me. I had a blast! I'll be visiting kcon again for a bit tomorrow before my flight home. I have never seen so many people into kpop before! Much love!

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