VERY late kcon ny experience!

Soo I went to kcon ny last month and it was AMAZING. I got a BTS album and poster, BTS sweater, and BAP whistle. I wish I had gotten more stuff when I got the sweater though, like the jersey, bc when I went back the next day, everything was gone. 😢 but just the experience of being near all these people who have the same interest in Kpop that I do was amazing. I felt like I fit in so well even though I didn't talk much, but I saw evidence of this everywhere; people who didn't know each other we're having lunch together and talking happily. This is what I love about Kpop; how much it brings us together. My sister, who came with me, was impressed with how nice everyone was. But anyway, I ended up going to Saturday red carpet (bought it on fb) and I saw Eric nam, mamamoo, day6, and BTS!! Some girls in front of me could scream really loudly and some idols ended up looking our way, haha. The idols were talking but no one could hear them, or understand them bc I think they were mostly talking in Korean. Except rapmon. 👍

Here's mamamoo! They were so pretty and glowing like seriously.

Eric nam!! Who also spoke in English and louder than the rest so I could actually hear him.

And day6 with jae in front

AND BTS do u see tae actually looking my direction in the second pic I was on the side so they weren't stellar pics but I was pretty close. And man they're tall.

And there's the stage with rapmon and Ailee mc ing!! I was in mezzanine but like in the 2nd row of that so no one was blocking my view. The concert, my first Kpop concert, was amazing!! Jungcurryahn played beautifully, Mamamoo slayed, Eric nam was amazing as always and he sang a bit of ooh ooh since he didn't perform it 😢, day6 was also amazing (and jae kept jumping around i swear he was going to fall), and BTS WAS AHSNDKSLDMS. They perform so well! And the crowd was so hyped up and everyone stood up. And they did cypher which I was not expecting!!?!! I wanted them to do bapsae too but I am honestly fine with what they did do. And they were hilarious, just watch fancams; yoongi was sassy and tae lay down on the floor at one point. 😂😂 so yeah, I loved kcon and I definitely want to go to another Kpop concert soon!! If anyone else went, how was ur experience?

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