Assault - A Noona Short Part 4

WARNING: Mild Language

Fred sensed your mood was off and was actually acting the gentleman. The two of you head to the local mart to grab the few things that you never bring due to airport regulations. You pass a street vendor on the way back and the smell is just too much. Grabbing dinner on the go, you eat on the way back to the hotel. No one has given the two of you even a passing glance. You smile at how different that is when [HN] is with you, even though he tries to disguise himself.

Your sigh must have been out loud as Fred looks down at you with a frown.

“Sorry, that was out loud huh?”

He nods so you decide to make his night.

“Fred, you’ve put up with me for forever. In fact,” you stop and turn in front of him, “you introduced [HN] and I. Why did you do that?”

He shrugs and tries to look nonchalant, “Perhaps I shouldn’t have. You’ve been shackled to me ever since," he groans, "if I’d only known.”

You assume he’s trying to joke but after the group interrogations today, your self esteem is a bit raw and you can’t take it as such.

You simply nod, “You’re right. I’m really sorry about that. Perhaps you won’t have to be shackled to me much longer.”

He looks over and gives you a quizzical glance, “I don’t see it changing anytime soon unless you suddenly disappear.”

You don’t respond but keep walking. He pulls you to a stop and makes you look up at him. “Are you thinking of disappearing? Has he hurt you?”

You smile at him sadly, “He would never hurt me, he wouldn’t hurt a fly, you know that.” You shrug and start walking again, “He’s just at that age you know? He’ll be leaving for the military soon and most get married when they return. I realized when the guys showed up that he hasn’t even been dating since you introduced us; I’m keeping him from that. He doesn’t need an old lady ruining his chance for happiness.”

“I’ve never seen him happier. I introduced you two because I knew you’d get each other. You’re very much alike. Did you ever think that maybe he doesn’t want to date? Maybe he doesn’t want to get married?”

You laugh. “He may not want to get married now but I’m sure he wants sex. I’m not saying he hasn’t had the opportunity when I’m not around and I don’t want to know anything about that, thank you.”

“Why? Are you a prude?”

You stop and round on him. “You have many, many conversations with me and you ask that question? Just because I don’t want to know if he’s having sex doesn’t mean I’m prudish enough to not realize that it happens and is part of life.”

“I’ll just say to that then, you seem to be around almost 24/7 these days, when would there be time?”

You stop again but he continues walking. What has your friendship done to him? You know he isn’t gay, what else are you keeping him from enjoying by being around? He’s wasting his life with an old woman as a companion; perhaps it’s time to be the selfless one and give him more space. You can start tonight.

The guys are the same as ever; yet he can’t wait to get back to the hotel and just hang with [YN]. Perhaps the guys are right, he hates when they spend too much time apart. It was the main reason he started bringing her along when he traveled. The stress level seems lower; his anxiety not so apparent when she is there to distract him.

He steps into the hotel suite to find it empty. He dials and has his guard speak to Fred. “Fred says they got back about an hour ago. He left her and their purchases about thirty minutes ago. Did you check her room?”

He walks over and knocks on the door, not hearing anything from inside he tests the knob. Unlocked, he peers in and swings the door fully open, turning on the light.

“De Joon!”

The guard comes rushing in to see the room empty. The bed untouched, the suitcases and art supplies nowhere to be found.

“What happened?!? Why would she leave? Where would she go?”

De Joon is back on the phone with Fred and minutes later Fred walks in the door, pulling his suit jacket back on.

“Where did she go? Did she say anything to you?”

He shakes his head and rechecks the closet and bathroom.

"No. She was acting strange though, going on and on about being an old woman…” he runs his hands through his hair, “shit.”

[HN] turns to him, “What?”

“She made some strange comment about me being saddled with her since I introduced you two and how perhaps I wouldn’t be anymore.”

“What? Did you two fight? Why would she say that?”

“I don’t know boss, like I said she was acting really weird. Kept going on about how she was keeping you from living your life like you should. How you should be dating, having sex, acting more your age.”

[HN] throws his head back, shuts his eyes tight and swears at the ceiling.

“What did they say to her?”

He pulls his phone out and dials a number as he walks out, leaving his body guards staring after him.

“Hyung. What did you say to her? [YN]… did you interrogate her in the kitchen before I walked in? What about? Why? Because she’s gone. I just got back and her stuff is completely gone, what did you say?”

He lets out a sigh as he scrubs his free hand down his face.

“Alright, yeah. Do me a favor hyung? Mind your own damn business from now on.”

He hangs up and immediately dials another number.


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