A Skool Luv Affair pt 13 A BTS Screenshot Story



my nap lasted a couple of hours before I woke up feeling refreshed. jin on the other hand was still sleeping. I decided to try and get up and let him keep resting, but,as soon as I started to inch myself towards the edge of the bed, jins hand shot out grabbing a hold of my wrist. "just a little bit longer." he whined pulling me back to his side. "let me hold you just a bit longer." he didn't open his eyes at all. "are you awake?" I whispered. "mhmmm" he said finally looking at me. I smiled and laid back down next to him. "maybe 5 more minutes" I said snuggling back into him. I should have been enjoying the moment. I was head over heels for jin and he actually liked me back but, I couldn't shake the guilt that was gnawing at me. what about the others? mainly what about jungkook. I had to admit he was growing on me. it's amazing how someone could enter your heart in less than 24 hours. what was he doing right now? was he feeling better? did he take medicine? these questions kept circling in my head. jin must have noticed. "what's wrong?" he asked looking at me. "nothing" I lied. I couldn't bring myself to tell him. "it's the others, isn't it?" I peeked up at him. he knew me that well?? "mainly jungkook?" "how did you know?" I asked, completely shocked that he knew. He gave me a half smile. "don't you know how long I've been watching you" "stalker much?" i teased. I couldn't help myself, but he looked shocked. "no! I mean...well ....that didn't turn out how I wanted it to sound." "I was joking" i said patting his hand that was still gently holding my wrist. he smiled again. "I know." he had tricked me, but then our talk grew serious again. " I know you like the others for different reasons. even if it's just a little. I don't want to make things hard on you so I'm not going to pressure you. if you choose me I want you to be 100% sure and for you to be guilt free." "but..." I started before he pressed his lips to mine in a gentle but passionate kiss that left me breathless. "that doesn't mean I'm just giving up though." he whispered as he slowly pulled away allowing air to fill my lungs again. I felt flustered as the oxygen to my brain allowed me to think again. I decided it was time to make my get away before I got too carried away with my thoughts of choosing jin, jungkook, tae, or yoongi. "well...." I said stretching my arms and back. Even though I was well taken care of, i still felt sore from the lack of movement. "I should get home and shower." I attempted to get up completely forgetting about my ankle until the pain shot up my leg from moving. Jin immediately jumped up checking my ankle. "what are you doing?" he scolded. "I told you it might be fractured! I'm going to go pull up my car. I'm taking you to the hospital!" "don't!" I yelled startling him. when I had been attacked last year, I at least had a part time job to pay for the stitches without telling my mom, but I had to quit shortly after one of the sesangs visited the cafe and recognizes me. not many other people are willing to hire a student, in my area with such a weird schedule. "but it's most likely broken" he argued frowning. I covered my eyes with my arm. "I'll think of something." I mumbled. he sighed " well if you won't go I'm at least calling a doctor here to see if I'm right." he said before stepping out of the room before I could argue. i started chewing on my lip. how much would a private doctor cost?! I can't afford this, but how could I possibly tell him that. I heard him come back in and sit beside me on the bed. it wasn't until he wiped a tear that had managed to escape my arm that I looked up at him only to find it wasn't jin. it was jungkook! "I'm so sorry! this is all my fault. please don't cry." he said letting a tear of his own slide. I immediately propped myself up into a sitting position without moving my leg. I smiled at him and wiped his own tear away. "I'm ok kookie. really. I wasn't even thinking about my leg" which was the truth.. I was thinking about money matters technically. my smile changed to concern within seconds though. shouldn't be be resting?! I placed a hand on his forehead, checking his temperature. he took my hand off of his forehead and held it. "I'm fine." he said shyly. "a lot better thanks to you." he smiled. he glanced around the room. "Where did jin hyung go?" "to call a doctor...." "you don't want a doctor?" he asked reading my face. if it showed that much, why hadn't jin noticed? it was sweet he was concerned enough to call one, but it all boiled down to one fact. "I can't afford a doctor" I mumbled. I don't know why I was confessing to him. maybe in a way it was to shield myself by getting the truth out now. I had seen tons of dramas to know that the longer something stayed a secret, the harder it became when everything got out. he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. "is that all? I'll pay for it. it was my fault and I want to make sure you're ok." "but I can't let you...." I started but he put his finger on my lips, silencing me. what was with these boys never letting me speak? he placed his warm hands on both sides of my cheek and kissed my forehead, then my nose, and finally my lips. he was hesitant at first, but the longer be stayed kissing me, the more passionate his kiss became. and I was pulled right into it. he pulled away and grinned biting his bottom lip. his forehead was pressed to mine as he whispered the same words from last night. "let me help you." "ok." I whispered back without hesitation this time. my head was confused and my heart torn between different people. if I was going to have to choose...I wasn't going to hold back and later regret it.

*jungkook* Even though Jin had taken her back to his room. I could help but grin to myself. she had called me kookie! this was definitely progress! but other thoughts began to take over as I wondered how she was doing. how was her ankle? what was jin saying to her? what was he doing? I know I had told her that I would be happy with at least a chance, i felt like I was going crazy right now. she was opening up to me but what if this time with jin put all of that back. especially since he was right. I should have taken better care of her. she was in pain again because of me. I sat in the hallway around the corner from jin's room. I wanted to see her but I knew I wouldn't get to as long as he was in the room. I would wait. he would have to leave eventually. the minutes turned to hours. time was crawling by so slowly, but I was not going to give up. I stretched my arms and legs. they were getting sore from sitting in the same spot for hours. now that I thought about it this might be the longest I had ever sat still in one place. I stood and began working on some of the choreography. I had it down. it was just something to do to pass the time. finally I heard jin's door open and shut. I peeked around the corner and saw jin hyung heading towards the other end of the dorm. I waited a minute or two to make sure he wasn't coming back right away before sneaking into his room. when I came in she was covering her eyes. was she asleep? I sat next to her in the bed. I saw a tear slip her face. I wanted to help her and all I did was hurt her. I couldn't take seeing her cry. I gently wiped the tear with my thumb. when she looked up at me, I lost it. I didn't mean to cry but her being sad hurt me. I began to do what I had done more of in the past couple of days than I have in my entire life.....apologize. she sat up and I noted how she was careful not to move her leg. it must still hurt. but then she smiled at me and wiped my tear away. "I'm ok kookie. really. I wasn't even thinking about my leg" she said. I could tell she wasn't lying. my heart skipped a beat when she called me kookie again. within seconds though her smile dropped and her face was taken over by concern. she reached over and placed a hand on my forehead. I knew what she was doing. she was still worried about my fever from this morning. i took her hand off of my forehead and used the opportunity to hold it. "I'm fine." i mumbled. "a lot better thanks to you." i smiled as I thought of her taking care of me this morning. i glanced around the room. shouldn't jin be coming back soon? "Where did jin hyung go?" I asked trying to figure out how much time I had left. "to call a doctor...." she shrugged but she didn't seem too happy about it. "you don't want a doctor?" I asked confirming what I thought. if it showed that much, why hadn't jin noticed? "I can't afford a doctor" she mumbled looking down. was that what she was worried about?! I wanted to comfort her and let her know I was there for her. screw it if jin came in. i wrapped my arms around her and kissed the top of her head. "is that all? I'll pay for it. it was my fault and I want to make sure you're ok." "but I can't let you...." she started but i put his finger on my lips. I wanted to be her man....to take care of her. being this close to her again have me butterflies. I decided to test my limits. I cupped my hands on her blushing cheeks and kissed her forehead. when she didn't move or or push me away I moved to her nose. I looked into her beautiful eyes and my heart raced as i finally moved to her lips. i was cautious at first. I didn't want to force myself on her. she didn't pull away so I deepened the kiss. before I knew it she was kissing me back. our lips moved together in perfect harmony until I felt like my heart would burst from beating so hard. i pulled away slowly and leaned my head to hers. "let me help you." I asked again just like I had last night "ok." she whispered back without hesitation this time. to be continued....


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