BTS: I Need U Part 10

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You all are so spoiled for real lol! Two parts in one day! You all betta be glad I love yall. Here we are at the BIG 10!

Thank you my ride or die peeps for the support. I know yall love my cliffhangers right? jajajaja lol

Yall know the drill

Well the rule is the same. If this part get at least 10 likes I will continue with the series.

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You get up and smack her across her face leaving a mark. She smacks you back. You get up and throw more running alcohol on her hair. You two begin cussing. ask and forth when all of a sudden you all hear gun shots and yelling. Instantly you all get to the ground. This was something you all became used to doing when hearing gun shoots. You both hold each other. Maranda begins crying. "I'm so sorry sis you know I love you." She says through her tears. "Yeah I love your loca ass too. But what the hell is all that noise coming from?" You say while peeking from the bed. Suddenly, someone kicks down the door. "Kitten are you in here?" You jump up and grab Maranda. You didn't know if it was a dream or reality. When you saw Jimin face you almost broke down. He looked like your prince charming coming to save you. Not to mention he looked super sexy with that gun in his hands. "Papi I'm here with Maranda!" You scream while running into his arms. "Yall can fuck later! Let's go!" Yoongi yells while running. Maranda runs behind Yoongi while yanking you from Jimin. Jimin runs behind you. You see random guys shooting and then you see pretty boy Jin cleaning up house. You chuckled. You never thought he had it in him. Hobi threw up some hand signal and the guys ran out to the car where Tae was outside with it running. Jungkook and Namjoon were last to run behind you all to the car with a few other friends. You all cram in the car and bounce. Jungkook was yelling. "I feel so alive!" "You betta be glad you made it out alive boy! Hansol's gang wasn't playing around." Jin says. Suddenly you heard Jimin make an odd noise. He was holding his arm. Your heart dropped again. "Baby what's wrong?" You look at his arm. It was bleeding. He had some glass in his arm. You rip off some material from your shirt and wrap it around the area with the glass sticking up. "We need to take him to the hospital." You say. "No, you need to explain yourself to me." Jimin says while trying to stomach his pain. "Yeah to all of us." Yoongi says as Maranda tends to some face wound around his lip. "Let's get you all to the hospital and then she can explain herself." Jin says.


After arriving to the hospital you all head back to the guy's place. You all sit in the kitchen as Jin makes some tea and pulls out some rice cakes. The room was silent. You look at Jimin's arm where his patched up wound was. You could bare it. Yoongi had to get some small stiches to the cut above his lip even Namjoon had a bandage over the cut he got on his right knee. You were happy no one had bullet wounds or even worst...died. "Look I know yall don't know me but I've know her longer than all you guys. She loves you all and didn't mean for this to happen. She had faith in all of you when I really didn't. I'm still confused on why yall saved us but thanks." Maranda says. You smile and hug her. "I know I have a lot to explain. I'm so grateful for you guys. You all put your lives and careers on the line for me." You begin to tell your whole story. Your horrible childhood, how your parents sold you, your life in the circus, how Hansol found you all, and why you kept it a secret. "Baby I thought you would reject me if I told you. You are the sweetest thing ever and also a Kpop idol. Why would you want to be with some throw away whore? Besides, I thought I was protecting you all. But in the end I needed you all. Jimin kissed you as if no one was around. You could feel the tears coming and you could feel his too. "Baby I would never judge you. I love you no matter what and you can tell me anything. I told you I would always protect you. Just promise never to keep secrets from me." He wipes your tears. "I promise papi and I love you too. I love all you guys." "Awe group hug!" Hobi yells. Everyone came in for a hug. It was the best feeling. You felt weightless finally. Your dark secret is out. "I don't mean to rain on the parade and all but won't that Hansol come looking for the girls and now us since we fucked up the place." Jungkook says. "Yeah pretty boy has a point." Maranda says. "Well let the bastard look. We will be waiting for his ass. I got a bullet with his name on it." Jimin says. "Oh papi I'm loving this dark side of you." You say while rubbing his chest. Jimin blushes and the guys laugh. You catch Maranda flirting with Jungkook and you smirk. You knew she would be a good fit for him. Better he wacks off to her panties and not yours. "We can come up with a plan. Yoongi and I have been chatting about it anyways. As for now let's catch up and chill." Namjoon says while drinking his tea.

The guys were enjoying their break. The company was pissed off about their injuries. They lied and said they got them from playing rough in a football game. However, they were healing rather quickly. Probably because you and Maranda were taking good care of them. You were able to smooth out things with your school and with your internship. A few of Yoongi friends were able to get you fake doctor excuses. You would be starting again next week at the internship. As for school all you had to do was take the final which was online. Your school would pass you and freeze your grades whether or not you passed the final. 4 days has passed since that show down. You were cooking breakfast with Jin. You two were laughing and dancing all over the place. Jimin and Yoongi were knocked out. Namjoon was sleeping too due to his pain pills. Hobi was showering and Tae was making videos to upload on Twitter. You noticed Maranda and Jungkook were no where to be seen. Breakfast was ready so you made your rounds to wake up the sleepy heads and inform everyone to come and eat as Jin set the table. You make your finally stop to their music room. When you hear moaning you tip toe to the cracked door. You peek through the crack to see Jungkook and Maranda in the 69 position. You quickly cover your mouth and try not to laugh. Then you bust down the door. "I was gonna tell you breakfast was ready but I see yall already got a mouth full." You bust out laughing. "Get out!" Maranda yells. You close the door laughing. Suddenly Jimin pins you to the wall. He runs his lips up your neck while grabbing your butt. You playfully laugh. "Papi is hungry too. Give me that..." Tae throws a shoe a Jimin. "Momma Jin says time for breakfast you pervs." Then he runs away laughing. Everyone finally wanders to the table to eat. The food smelled great and tasted great. Everyone was carefree and chatting. The guys were teasing Jungkook. When suddenly your phone rang. Everyone got real silent. Jimin grabbed your phone before you could answer it. You could hear someone on the other line as Jimin's face went from happy to dark again. Everyone wonders who was on the other line. Jimin voice was very serious as he spoke to.........


jajaja Dang bro she left dem hanging! Until next time peeps!


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