Fall in Love with 치즈닭갈비

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닭갈비 (dak-gal-bi) is chicken, cabbage, rice cake, and onions stir fried in a super hot sauce in a giant bowl usually placed in the middle of a table.

The latest trend in 닭갈비 world in Korea is...ADDING A TON OF CHEESE.

Now you might be thinking "But hey, you don't eat meat, how could you love this dish?" and you're right! When my friends get it I just eat around the chicken since the sauce makes the cabbage, rice cake, and onions taste SO GOOD. You can also get octopus added if you want^^

One trend has been to have a special pan that lets a moat of cheese melt around the chicken so you can dip it in :3


Is anyone's mouth watering yet?!

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