Bangtan's Bitch - 4

A/N: I have split the chapters for August 1st into 2 parts and so the second part will hopefully be posted tomorrow. I didn't want it to be unbearably long. Your perspective Pairing: Jimin x reader Warning: mature content

August 1st (part 1) My manager instructed me that August was to be the busiest month of my life. First part of the month would be preparing. A couple more recording sessions, dance lessons, costume fittings and rehearsals. Mid August would be non-stop promotions until the album drops near the end. Then it's just award shows to go to going into September. Jimin was prepared for it as well. Of course, he'd have to try and support me and see me as often as he could otherwise he weren't going to last. Neither of us wanted to give up, especially knowing we had something to prove to Jungkook.

He walked me into the studio and said that he'd sit in on my morning session. I'd recorded the whole chorus but now it just left the verses and backing vocals. First off was the backing vocals for the chorus. I had to hit a high note but it seemed impossible. My vocal coach, Ian stopped me for like the 20th time. He was my main vocal coach and was also English. My Korean vocal coach was also there but Ian was more in charge of how I did. And yes, English was my first language but I'm also fluent in Korean. Thanks to my primary school.

"Mack, I know you're trying but you need to take it up another note okay. Not an octave, just a couple more notes okay." "Kay. Am I gonna have to hit that high note in the performances?" "No. This is just for back up vocals" I looked over at Jimin, who was sat beside Ian, he was smiling and trying to encourage me with a fighting gesture. Take a deep breath Y/N... And start again. This process carried on and the backing vocals for the chorus were sorted in no time. It took us up until early lunchtime. The afternoon was going to be busier.

"What'd you think?" I hesitantly asked. "Amazing. Wouldn't have expected anything else." Jimin cheered. "What about lunch then?" "A restaurant perhaps?" "Lunch isn't long Chim, maybe just the snack bar then." Together, we wandered over, arms linked together, to grab some substantial lunch. Personally, I went for a fish finger sandwich and some fries while Jimin went for some rice and noodle combo. "What kind of lunch is that, Macky?" "Fish finger sandwich, I used to have it when I was younger, it's part of the continental section of the bar"

His adorable eye smile almost killed me there and then. How had I ended up with such a genuine guy? My phone once again ruined a happy moment. ~1 message from Sasskwan~ I did a duet with Seungkwan when Seventeen first debuted as me and the band used to hang out when there was actually seventeen of them. ~How did recording go? I walked past the room earlier and it sounded tough but good~ Yet again, another genuine guy that I was glad was in my life. ~To Sasskwan: Good thanks, got a bit more done, still got this afternoon to go. Hope to catch up sometime after the mayhem~

That was the problem of being an idol with idol friends, there was hardly any time to meet. Whether I had a comeback or they had a comeback, it was difficult. That's why my phone was so handy, I had the numbers of everyone in the industry that I was friends with. They all had different nicknames in my phone but I always remembered who had which nickname. "Who you textin?" He peered towards my phone. "Seungkwan. He walked past the studio earlier and heard my recording that's all" I knew enough about boys to know that if I was texting another boy, Jimin would prefer to know why.

Soon after, lunch break was over and it was back to the studio. "Why can't you help me out with some of the parts Chim?" I whined. "Because you're a solo artist and this is your song. Besides, I've got a group that I can record with." Ian just had to interrupt our little moment, didn't he? "So Mack, now we'll do the verses okay?" I nodded. The first verse took an hour to perfect and do the backing vocals for. The other 2 weren't as bad. It was nice that I was out the studio by 7, it meant that Jimin could spend some more time at my dorm, which unlike his, was completely private.

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