Dark Concept?

This is just rude and beautiful all at once omg We all thought it was just going to be a a bad boy concept yeah? nO. They went full out on leather clothes, straps, and fAke tattoos oH MY GO SH??!!! Seventeen is the first group i make a card about omg bUT LET'S ALL CRY ENOUGH TEARS TO REPLENISH THE HAN RIVER BC LOOK HOW R UDE THEY ARE AND THIS ISN'T EVEN ALL 13 OF THEM

someone hold me :") this is too much. who allowed them to slay a sweet then dark concept? rip carats my weak frail heart can't take this at all y IKE S - credits to fansites and photos i found on twitter tumblr // bless ya'll for blessing us w all these pics :*

☁️ svt's laughs ☁️ multifandom asf + protector of underrated groups
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