Lay Me Down Lay (one shot)



“I know you’re just doing your job. I do I just wish I could see you. It’s been weeks. I miss you.” I said “I miss you too. I wish I could take a break and see you right now.” “No, video chatting is fine, but you know I do miss your touch.” “Babe I will be to you before you know it." “Yea... Just a little bit longer and then we can be with each other.” I smiled “Yea, Hey I have to go now the guys want to practice again before the next concert.” He said “Alright bye.” I didn't want to get off the phone yet and I could sense he didn't either. “Bye babe, I love you.” He said slowly “I love you too.” Then the call ended. I hated never seeing Lay but I knew what I was getting into when we started dating. Thankfully I was busy with work and that kept my mind off of how much I missed him. He would send me text every day since that was the easiest way to communicate. Otherwise we would never talk, unless we set up a specific time for us to both be up and at our computers or phone. A week went by pretty fast. That just meant one more week and then we would be together. I got off of work early and went home. I was going to take a nice bath and just soak and relax. I walked up the few flights to get to my place and grabbed my keys from my purse. I had them in my hand and started to stick them in the door. I was about to unlock the door when it flew open. My mouth dropped at who was in my apartment. I squealed and closed the distance between us causing him to stumble back a little. “Why are you here? I thought you had things to do for the next week?” I asked still hugging him. “I lied, I wanted to surprise you.” He said into my neck. His breath sending shivers down my spine. I almost forgot about the door and quickly separated from Lay and grabbed my keys out the door and then shut and locked it. I turned back around.

"I still can't believe you're here." You whisper as you snuggled deeper into his chest not wanting any space between you. Your heart fluttered as he lifted your head from his neck. Those eyes that you missed so much now stared right into you. "I'm here Y/N and I'm not going anywhere." With that he placed a kiss on your forehead, light but tender just like him. You melted in his arms as he continued to pepper your face in fleeting kisses, avoiding your lips. Patience was something you had very little of right now so you pull away from Lay positioning yourself on his lap. In seconds your lips were on his as he wrapped his arms around you. This time the kiss was deep and passionate as Lay slipped his tongue into your mouth. You placed your hands on his firm chest as he proceeded to devour you. His hands slide your back and stop at your butt which he gives a light slap. You pull away gasping for breath and you see his eyes have gone dark with lust. "Someone's gotten a little more impatient." Lay teased as you pulled your shirt off. Grabbing the hem of his shirt he began yo lift his shirt. "Yeah well let's just say its been a while." You swat his hands away and replace them with your own as you sneak under his shirt. You felt every ridge of his defined abs as you ran your hands over his torso. You slowly run the shirt up admiring the perfect body it revealed. Tossing the shirt over your shoulder you look up at your boyfriend's face that was now staring at you with intensity in his eyes. "Its been a while for me. So let me take the lead okay?" You didn't even have time to answer as he thrusted up into, his clothed member rubbing against you. Your mind is still racing as he picks you up but you manage to wrap your legs around him. Desperate for more contact you kiss him again and move your bottom trying to create as much friction as you can. You hear Lay moan in your mouth as he carries you to what you hope was the bedroom. You let out a contempt sigh when you feel the soft sheets underneath you. So many nights you slept alone but finally you had your other half back with you and it would be a while before he left again. Your breath hitches as Lay attacks your neck jarring you from your thoughts. You weren't really fond of hickeys but Lay could change your mind anyday. The way he bit your skin tenderly and licked it afterwards sent shoots of pleasure up your spine. "" You moan as you feel him chuckle on your neck his breath making you shiver in anticipation. He trails his tongue down your body unclasping your bra on the way. He traces his tongue over your nipple nipping at it as you sink into euphoria from the sensitivity. He attacks your other nipple giving it the same treatment and you can feel your orgasm already approaching. You weren't going to last and you could guess Lay knew too because he quickly removed your shorts and panties and dove face first between your legs. All you could feel was his tongue tracing your clit before plunging in. You grabbed his head needing something to ground you as he held your legs down and ate you out. You could feel the heat building in the pit of your stomach as Lay replaced his tongue with his fingers, shoving two fingers without warning. Your moans steadily become louder as Lay's fingers work themselves inside you trying to find that spot. A wave of pleasure crash onto you as his fingers brush a bundle of nerves that makes you see white. You scream in ecstasy as you come so hard your toes curl. "Damn baby I think that's the hardest I've seen you've come without me inside you." He pulls his fingers out of you licking them. "Let's see if I can make you come like that again." Slipping his pants and briefs off you try to recover from your high. Lay places a kiss on your lips and pulls you further up on the bed. He's beneath you and you end up on his lap again as you rub against his member. "Y/N is it okay for me to...?" You see the blush in his face as he turns his head to the side. No matter how many times you guys had sex Lay would always make sure you were okay, always making sure you were taken care of; it was one of the reasons you fell in love with him. "Yes Yixing. I want you to." You take a breath as you feel Lay grab your sides and guide you towards his cock. The pain is something you've grown accustomed too and slowly you lower yourself onto him until hes fully inside you. You breath out at the pleasure of being filled. "You' tight baby." Lay's head rolls back from the pleasure as you start moving your hips. The familiar heat began to build again as you lifted yourself and slammed down on his cock. Your mind goes into overdrive as Lay starts thrusting into you and your head rolls back as the pleasure overtakes you. "Baby I'm bout to-" You don't stop and continue to pound yourself as you both chase your orgasm. You lift yourself almost completely off Lay's cock before slamming back on it. You come right then screaming in silence as your orgasm rocks your body. You clench around Lay pushing him off the edge as he comes deep inside you filling you up. You feel him slip out of you as you slump into his arms. Lay pulls you closer into his arms snuggling his his face into the back of your neck. "I love you Y/N. Though I may go away at times just know that I always have you on my mind. Every hour, minute, and second I miss you and I know you feel the same. But just know that no matter how far apart we may be our love will never cease." You hold the tears that threaten to spill and you smile at your boyfriends words. You keep smiling until you hear his quiet snores. I love you too Zhang Yixing.

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