Revelry I.3 Part 2


The next day you arrange to go shopping with Jak. It’s the weekend and the guys actually have to work, leaving the two of you time to play.

“What do you think about this one?”

“It’s okay,” Jak casually responds. “Oooh, look at this cool lamp. You should get it.”

You look over, roll your eyes and go back to looking at the throw pillows.

“Can you focus please?”

“I am focused,” she shoves the lamp in your face, “this. I say you should buy this; there are we done?”

“Jak!” you grumble under your breath, you knew better then to invite her, you really did. However, she is your best friend and occasionally she pays attention for more than five minutes before getting bored.

“You’re worse than Gil! He at least would look at things and have an opinion.”

“I did give you my opinion.” She puts the lamp back and starts to walk away, “Fine, if you don’t want my opinion after dragging me down here on my day off…”

“I did not DRAG you and you wanted to come!” You grab her by the wrist as she heads past you and the two of you struggle for a minute. She tries to fight back but you know she’s weak against you. “Jak, we’re in public, stop it.”

“I don’t care!”

You lean forward and whisper, “I know you don’t but Ji does.”

She gives you a cross look and huffs, “You play dirty.”

You let go of her and the two of you smile at each other. “Are you ever going to grow up?”

“Why would I? That’s boring!”

You love this crazy woman and can’t stay mad at her. You helplessly shake your head and laugh, smacking her as you pass.

“The sooner you help me decide, the quicker we can go get food.”

Her eyes light up and she instantly responds; “Done!”

She walks over, looks between the two pillows you were holding; tosses one at you and heads to the curtains.

“This one,” she says as she goes to the curtains. She pulls out one that matches the pillow exactly. “It matches this, now are we done?”

You just stare at her in shock and can’t help but laugh out loud.

“What? You seem to forget that I pay attention, I just don’t want to give my opinion. So, where are we going to eat?”

Purchases are made and set for delivery to your apartment; which leads the two of you to your favorite American café and cheeseburgers.


Jak looks up from her drink, “What, what?!?”

“They have a ‘forkless’ menu… how? WHY?”

Jak laughs at the expression on your face. “Maybe, you can only use SPOONS on the forkless menu.”

The two of you eye each other with wicked exasperation when Jak’s phone goes off.

“Oh! Who is it?”

From the smile on her face you know its Jiyong. “Tell Ji I say Hi.”

“How do you know its Ji and not someone else?” she asks you quizzically.

“You better not have that look on your face for anyone else but Ji, that’s why.”

“Truth. And no, I won’t tell him you say Hi, I’m telling him you hit me.”

“Why? Why would you make him hate me? He’ll think I’m a bad person and I’m not!”

“UGH!” Jak exclaims and puts her phone down with a thud.

“What? What did he say?”

“He wants to know what I did to deserve it… Rude.”

You can’t help but laugh and fist bump the air. “Yes! I knew I liked your boyfriend.”

A few minutes later your own phone buzzes with a message from Gil.

ML: Hey Beautiful. Miss me yet?

YOU: Of course, when don’t I?

ML: Well you’re with Jak. Having fun?

YOU: Of course, when don’t we?

ML: Rofl, what did she do?

YOU: Nothing, she’s just Jak. I love her.

ML: It’s a good thing. Did the two of you manage to make any decisions?

YOU: Of course! I bribed her with food.

ML: Lol, you do know her better than most.

YOU: Yep. Do I get to see you later?

ML: Of course. Any specific parts you’d like to see first?

YOU: Hm, that’s a dumb question.


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