Assault - Noona Short Part 5 - Finale

WARNING: Adult Situations

Your phone rings much sooner than you expect. You thought he’d at least be out with the guys for a few more hours. You take a deep breath and answer it on the third ring.

“[HN]-ah, where are you?”

“Where am I? I’m back at the suite; the question is where are you?”

You smile; you love this man so much. You walk over to the window in your room and look out.

“Giving you some much needed space.”

You hear him sigh on the other side, “Noona what did he say to you? Why are you doing this? You know I prefer having you here with me.”

“He didn’t say anything I haven’t already told myself multiple times this past year. Don’t be upset with your hyung; he did nothing, this was something I’ve been mulling over for a while.”

“Where are you? I’ll come and we’ll talk about this.”

You can hear indistinct voices in the background. Your phone has a tracer on it, you know it won’t take the guards long to figure out you are still in the hotel. It will be more difficult for them to find out which room, but you're pretty sure it will happen before the end of the night.

“You simply got a different room? Noona, what number?”

“I’m fine [HN], no worries. You have a big day tomorrow; you should get some sleep or whatever else you feel like. You have the rest of the evening to yourself, don’t spend it concerned about the foolishness of an old lady. Saranghae.”

You hang up and then turn your phone off. You know he’s persistent, especially when he doesn’t understand. This you can’t explain to him; he will try to convince you that all is right and well in his world, that he doesn’t need any of what you think he’s missing out on. You’re actually amazed that his mother hasn’t called and questioned the amount of time the two of you have been spending together. He talks to her regularly, maybe she has mentioned it to him and he’s just been too afraid of hurting your feelings. Well, he shouldn’t have been and it’s being corrected now.

A knock sounds on the door as you’re getting ready for bed. Your shoulders slump and head hangs, you know who it is. You're amazed it took him this long to find out your room. You peek through the eye hole and see his manager standing there. Confused you grab your wrap and open the door.

“Is something wrong?” your phone is off, anything could have happened and they wouldn’t have been able to reach you. Suddenly you’re nervous and afraid.

The manager looks at you in confusion, shakes his head, turns and walks away. Now you’re really confused, what?? Were they just checking to see what room you’re in and that you were actually here? You stare at the man a minute, shake your head, and step back to close the door.

A hand comes out and stops it. [HN] steps around and pushes his way in, brokering no arguments. You aren’t that rude and you aren’t mad at him, so you step back and let him pass.

He stops at the end of the short hallway, turns and looks at you. You close your eyes, the look of sadness in his eyes is too much to bear. You thought this would be a good thing, not bad, now you just feel guilty. Perhaps you simply went about it the wrong way, you should apologize. As you take a breath and open your eyes, you have only seconds to see his face coming down to yours. His hands come up to cup your face and his lips are warm and moist against yours.

What? Wait…no. Your nerves scream and in submission your eyes close, your lips softening under his. As one of his hands slides down from your face to your waist and pulls you closer, the angle of his kiss changes. Your hands willingly head to his chest and fist in his shirt, trying to pull him closer. Your brain is warring with your body. Your brain yells NO, this isn’t right; but your body is sighing a soft, FINALLY and totally ignoring any other signals. His lips lift off yours; returning once, twice, three times in little punctuations. He leans his forehead against yours and releases his pent up breath. Lifting his head he kisses your forehead and pulls you in for a hug.

“Please don’t EVER do that to me again. I thought something had happened to you. My whole world closed in on me.”

You stand stunned as you hear the catch in his voice. Your arms come around his waist and the two of you stand there for another few moments, absorbing the comfort of each others embrace.

He backs away, takes your hand and leads you over to sit on the bed. He rests his elbows on his knees, his hands clasped in front of him.

“Why did you leave me? Did I do something to make you upset? We usually talk about these things. Are you sure the guys didn't say something to you?”

You reach over and tuck a stray piece of hair back in with the rest. When did you fall so helplessly in love with this man? You came into this relationship knowing how you felt about him, telling yourself it didn’t matter; you could be happy just being around him, just being his friend.

He looks over and takes the hand resting in his hair. “Noona, I don’t like the sadness in your eyes. Talk to me.”

“What was that? When you walked in?”

“Something that should have happened a long time ago.”

You look at him shocked. “What?”

He sighs and turns fully towards you.

“[YN]-ah, I don’t hang around with anyone else because I don’t want to. You are my home. You make it feel like home, no matter where we are. You make me laugh and want to tease you, even hit you..but I never would.” He reaches up to stroke your cheek, “I’m ashamed to say that I was afraid that you would reject and leave me if I showed you how I really felt.”

You shake your head. “[HN]-ah, I’m so much older than you. I’ve been selfish and loved having you to myself. You are still young; you need someone your age, someone who will give you a family, who can keep up with you.”

“That is what you think I need. That isn’t what I want. My life right now is my music; you fit right in with it. It’s like you came along and just filled a hole I didn’t know was there.” He takes a breath and looks you deep in the eyes; “If you don’t like me that way, I’ll have to accept it;" he suddenly looks hopeful, "but you didn’t push me away.”

You feel your face turning red and you look down, biting your lip. He tilts your face up and you can see a smile starting to form.

“So you did like it. That is very good because so did I.”

You cover your face with your hands, shaking your head. This little devil has you acting like a silly school girl with her first crush.

You hear him laugh, “Ah… my noona is not as old as she thinks she is.”

You look up, “[HN]..”

“Shh..” he whispers as he leans in and takes your lips again. Whatever you were about to say is gone and long forgotten. Over a year of pent up frustration and longing for this man are released in one low moan.

Hearing it he deepens the kiss and responds with a growl of his own. As your wrap begins to slide off, some part of your brain kicks in and you pull back.

Surprised, he looks up questioningly. “Eh?”

“I don’t have the body of a young woman anymore. I may want this, but I won’t subject you to that.”

You go to get up and he pulls you back down, this time onto his lap.

“Noona, I have worshiped you for over a year; let me finally worship all of you.”

You swallow, fighting with yourself and your hormones. You try once more, “Clothing hides many imperfections.”

He pulls your face closer to his, “I have my own imperfections. Tonight isn’t about identifying those, its about celebrating them because that’s who you are. [YN]-ah..” His warm breath fans across your lips before he captures them again.

This time when your wrap begins to shift, he assists it and makes sure you can’t pull it back up. He begins an attack on your neck, descending over your shoulder, pulling the strap of your tank top down.

Tomorrow will be enough time to be embarrassed, he’s right; you’ve both waited for this for too long. He shifts you and you feel his growing desire against your core. You gasp and grab onto his shoulders.


He looks up from his assault on you with a sexy grin; “No need to wonder, I’m hoping you’re about to find out.”

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