BodyGuard: Don't Say Goodbye

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~(Simon POV)~




Its been a week now since our kidnapping. Jay was soft in the arm, but he was glad it was his right arm. He claim the scar was gonna make him look 'Hard'. Plus he wanted to put a tattoo over it. I myself was shot in the leg, but that's only cause the bullet missed Lavi.

Lance was force to go inactive since he took on a bullet to the shoulder and abdomen. As for Lavi, She was the one that took on the most hits. Twice in the shoulder, once in the lung, once in the hip and one grazed her cheek.

The one in the lung caught her heart, so we almost lost her. Once she was out of surgery, She was flow out to Europe, even though she was in a comma. She did kill someone, and was gonna be charged with first degree murder, but due to the situation, it was change to self-defense.

She was protecting innocent citizens that had no connects, or relations to someone that was apart of the mafia. Yet, it still got her banned from South Korea for three months. It wasn't her motherland, and it US didn't want to offend Korea.

Lance told me he was going to contact me when Lavi woke up. But I wasn't sure anymore if I wanted to be contact with her. She had went from my sweet bad chick, to a complete and total psychopath. The idea that she was hiding this side of her deep down, scared me.

She even stabbed a man with a smile on her face, after breaking their jaw. Who in their right mind wouldn't be afraid of that. We told the story to the others when we could. Duck-ie was the only one that was impressed with it all.

As the others looked a little rattled. Jay and Chacha were the ones in the middle about it all. They weer impressed but a bit in shock at the same time. Jay was the one keeping in touch with Lance the most. Since he was concern, she wasn't going to make wake.

A woman that looked like an older version of her, but a younger version of Lavi's mother came into the lounge. I was on my computer, Pumkin was messing with his equipment, as Jay was on his phone. The others were working else where, but Chacha was actually back in the States.

Annyeonghaseyo, I'm Lady Sakura, also known as Samantha. I'm Lavi's older sister

Samantha, its a pleasure to finally meet you. Sorry I meet the party of announcing you becoming the new CEO of Royal Corp.Its alright, I think it was a good move on your behave. Since you were involved in the situation that cause the change in CEOs.

Lavi's mother Isabella had step down, feeling it was best. Since, it was the only way to keep the trust in all the allies of the company. Not everyone was okay with the fact that Lavi killed a man, no matter what was the reason.

I came to bring you something, as part of Lavi's last wishes

Wait, does this means something bad happen?Well our father is Lavi's guardian, and in charge of her, if she become medically incompetent

Our father told us that if she doesn't come to with in a week, she will be considered brain dead. He plans to pull the plug then

Pumkin got Lavi's collection of limited records. Jay was the on that got Lavi's sport collections. It turn out she was a huge Seahawk fan. Even had a rare retired quarter back jersey. Samantha brought over a box that said my name on it, and pulled out a small box.

She had everything in this box stuff she was either planning to give you, or set a side, in case anything happen. Including this little box.

Its beautiful, Simon-ssi.

She only let her dark side out, because I asked her too. She did it cause she actually loved me. It had been so long since I felt this way about someone, that I let something stupid blind me. I had even given my word to her I would stay with her, even after she let it free.

Lavi needed to wake up and come back to me. I closed the box, and held my head in my hands. I was busy with schedules this whole week, that I couldn't just up and run to be by her side in Europe. She would kick my ass if I even though about skipping them to be with her either.

Yo man, you alrightWow... Um... wow

Sorry hyung, but if you don't at least wear this, I will.

I am gonna wear it. Not like I can run to be with her now. She would beat my ass for missing my schedules

I promise to have you know if the plugged is pulled








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