Have You Seen New Orleans' New Pikachu Statue?

Just when you thought Pokémon Go fever has been slowing down, a story like this makes headlines.

Local fans have been making a pilgrimage to New Orleans' famous Coliseum Square Park to visit the brand new 'Pokémonument' that was erected without explanation sometime last weekend.

A Nola-based Pokémon Go player discovered the statue when walking around the area on Sunday, and after posting pictures of it on Reddit, flocks of fans from all over the state - even outside of it - have been heading to the park to take all sorts of Pikachu selfies.

According to the city's parks department, while the government did not approve or fund the statue, they're alright with keeping it there for the time being:

"It's [on] a defunct fountain. It's actually on our list of fountains to get running again. So as long as it's sitting here without any water flowing, it's okay with me."


So who else is down for a trip to New Orleans?

(I wonder if that statue's got any legendaries nearby.)

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