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Chapter 3: *Time Skip to 3 months later*

Jiyoon woke up to JB’s notification tone going off on her phone. Even though they lived down the hall and he didn’t have to, JB still made sure to text her to wake up everyday. Slowly she dragged herself out of bed. Jiyoon then got dressed and brushed her hair before going to GOT7’s dorm and knocking on the door. Junior opened the door and smiled at her, “Good morning Jiyoon.” She smiled back at him, “Good morning Junior-oppa.” He then moved aside and let her into the dorm. Jiyoon walked in and went straight to the kitchen to start cooking. It had become a habit for her and Junior to cook for the others. She didn’t have to cook for one or eat alone and the members of GOT7 didn’t mind making space for one more.

When they got done cooking and Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom had still to appear from their rooms Jiyoon frowned, “JB-oppa, Mark-oppa, Jackson-oppa….can you guys go wake up Youngjae-oppa, BamBam-oppa and Yugyeom-oppa?...They should be up by now. Unless BamBam-oppa is taking his time in the bathroom again..” The trio nodded and smiled as they went to wake the three younger ones. Jiyoon and Junior then began to set the table for breakfast.

Once that was done they sat at the table and waited for the rest of the group. JB, Mark and Jackson all returned to the table smiling. A few minutes later disgruntled looking Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom appeared at the table. At the sight of the food the younger ones quickly woke up and muttered quick good mornings. Once everyone was seated, they all began to eat. Jiyoon smiled at Yugyeom from her seat across from him. Over the past three months she had developed a crush on the young star. Yugyeom however didn’t notice and began speaking to JB, “JB-hyung? Are we doing anything today?..” JB blinked, “Yah! Yugyeom-ah! Did you forget we have that awards show tonight?” Yugyeom blinked at JB’s sudden raising voice, “Sorry hyung...I’m still half asleep…” Jiyoon smiled, “I wish you guys the best of luck...I’ll be cheering for you.” The whole group smiled and said thank yous.

After they had finished eating it was decided that it was Mark and Jackson’s turn to do the dishes. So the two went off to do just that. The others lazily gathered in the living room to relax before the award show.

Jiyoon smiled at BamBam, “BamBam-oppa?!” BamBam smiled at her, “Yeah Jiyoon?” She grinned like crazy, “Oppa teach me how to speak Thai? Please?!” BamBam nodded and smiled, “Sure.” That is how Mark and Jackson found the group when they finished the dishes. JB was only half paying attention, Junior was trying and not doing very well, Youngjae couldn’t quit laughing and Yugyeom seemed more into just watching than actually trying. However Jiyoon was trying her best to learn everything that she could from BamBam. BamBam thought that it was cute.

As Jackson watched the scene before him an idea popped up in his head, “Yah, BamBam why don’t you teach her Seventh Heaven? Since she wants to be a rapper.” BamBam smiled, “That’s a great idea hyung!” Jiyoon grinned, “Oppa, really? That’d be awesome!” BamBam nodded and smiled as he rapped Seventh Heaven for Jiyoon once.

The day worn on and the group took turns trying to rap in Thai. Jiyoon was slowly catching on and that made BamBam feel proud. Eventually though JB had to be the bearer of bad news, “Okay guys, we need to get ready for the show. Jiyoon you should go back to your dorm and do what you need to do. Maybe even call Manager-hyung to see if anyone can stay with you while we’re at the awards show.” Jiyoon nodded, “Okay. Good luck you guys. I’ll be rooting for you from here. When you come back I’ll be waiting outside my door to welcome you back.” JB smiled, “That isn’t need Jiyoon...You have vocal training in the morning don’t you?”

Jiyoon huffed, “I do but so….Youngjae-oppa’s been a great teacher…..Besides I get looked at funny for the songs I sing…” She would never admit it but her playlist was still almost purely Bangtan, she did however have a few GOT7 songs on her playlist. Junior sighed in JB’s place, “Jiyoon-ah….You can always come see us tomorrow in our practice studio. But you have to pratice to chase your dreams.” Jiyoon nodded, “Okay oppa.” She then hugged each member saying bye before she went back to her dorm.

When GOT7 returned to the dorms Jiyoon was firmly asleep in her dorm. They were happy that she had taken their advice. The group entered their dorm and went to the rooms to sleep.



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