Bangtan's Bitch- 5

Your perspective Pairing: Jimin x reader Warning: mature content - not too smutty but quite suggestive

August 1st (part 2) Once we got to the dorm, it was almost a race to see who would break first. "Can I get you a drink?" I offered. "Some water please" "Sur-" "In about 5 minutes" he smirked. "What about food then?" "I'd be happier with you." Damn, he was smooth as fuck. Quite literally I might add. I ambled over to where he was sat on the sofa and sat on his lap. His arm soon embraced me and made sure that I wasn't going anywhere. His pupils dilated. "Well my little Macky..." He started, "looks like we're finally alone" I giggled at the cheesy line.

I can't remember fully but I'm pretty sure that it was me who made contact first. My lips were secured to his, that's for sure. His hands slid around my thighs while mine roamed through his hair. It was almost like velvet it was so smooth. There was hardly any space between us and there was certainly not much more that meant we could get closer. He was about to raise his shirt over his head when my phone rang. ~Kook the monster calling~ What the hell did Jungkook want at this time? It rang for a while as I stared at the block, debating on what to do. "Well.. Answer it" Chim insisted.

I placed the phone to my ear and spoke in an emotionless tone, "Yes?" "Ah Mack?" "What is it Jungkook?" "Well... I urm... seem to have phoned you by accident really." "So that's it?" He paused and all I could hear was his deep breathing. "I... Sorry were you busy?" "Yes!" I almost shouted. "I've got Jimin round at the moment" He sighed and then miraculously came up with a sarcastic comment. "You weren't fucking were you?" "No! But I'd appreciate it if you didn't call and didn't interrupt the quality time I'm having with my boyfriend."

"Yeah.. Well say hi to him for me" "You know what, I'll just hand the phone over if you want to talk to him" I didn't ask for his permission, I just handed the phone over to Chim. The only problem was that I could hear a one sided conversation. "Yeah. No. Well I was going to but. I know okay. I can't help that. Jungkook look, we can talk this out some other time, I'm treating her fine. Probably. No worries. No I'm not coming back to the dorm. Calm yourself just tell them where I am, they don't stress as much as you. Yeah. Bye." And with that, he hung up the phone and handed it back to me.

"What'd he say?" I asked. "Nothing much. Checking up on me, you know he is." He was obviously lying about some kind of aspect as he had clearly said 'I'm treating her fine'. Was Jungkook worried about Jimin and I being alone? I certainly wasn't. It was a hell of a night. Let's just say I got to know his weak spots and vice versa. His is the the top of his neck, just before his jawline. Mine? You'd have to ask him, I wasn't really concentrated on where on my body he was... Okay maybe another time. You can imagine exactly what went on yourself, you'd probably be right.

It was 10 by now and I thought I'd annoy the hell out of protective little Jungkook. Jimin was showering and was surely going to be all cute and sleepy when he got back. So, I picked up my phone and messaged him. ~Y/N: actually Jungkook, we were fucking.~ ~Kook: tmi. Is this some after sex chat then? Come to brag?~ ~Y/N: I can if you like ;)~ ~Kook: Rather not considering he's my hyung~ ~Y/N: sure? I mean I could rate him beside the other members I've dated ~Kook: no thanks Macky.~ ~Y/N: since when do you call me that?~

There was a short pause before he sent his next message. ~Kook: so Jiminie can but I can't?~ ~Y/N: just call me by my name~ ~Kook: which one ;)~ Aish, this kid. ~Y/N: Y/N or Mack either one~ ~Kook: whatever so where is your fuck buddy then?~ ~Y/N: Jeon Jungkook, he is your hyung and fyi he is in the shower.~ ~Kook: jk, whatever, just don't do anything I wouldn't~ ~Y/N: I doubt you'd fuck Jimin~ ~Kook: you knew what I meant >:(~ At that point, I switched off my phone as the bathroom door creaked open.

In wandered a cute and sleepy Jimin with damp, ruffled hair. "Get some sleep Chim, you look shattered." I cooed. He was too tired to resist and just plonked himself, by my side, on the bed. His head rested by my stomach as his arm wrapped around my waist. He slowly nodded. "Yeah. You two babe." He muttered. His eyes were heavy and it didn't take long for him to fall asleep. The last thing I saw before dozing off to sleep was his beautiful make-up-less face. It was one of the best sights I'd seen. Adorable. That night I was haunted with my usual dreams. Some of which were reoccurring. This one seemed to change piece by piece every now and then.

I'd be ambling down a street when suddenly I was surrounded by people. They all had disapproving looks on their faces. Their mouths moved in anger but I could never hear a single word they said. The dream changed when a weird version of Jungkook stepped out from the people and was crying. He didn't attempt to speak, he just wept. I tried to place my hand in his but he smacked it away. Jimin then back hugged me and was trying to speak words of comfort, I could tell by his expression, but once again I didn't hear a word. I never knew what to do when I couldn't hear what was being said.

Hope you guys enjoyed. This is my favourite fanfiction that I've written so far!!! I just love the story and everything! Tagging: @tiffany1922@CallMeMsDragon@Saeda1320@AdeleLynn@Animezkpopgirl@Mavis2478@Jaysbae13@milcalopez963

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