EXO Next Door 2 Pt: 10

-Previously on Exo Next Door 2- "I mean not all of them are like him right? There sweet and nice but what wrong with him, what crawled up and died up his ass huh?" She turns on the tap splashes it on to her face. She reaches out for a towel on the towel hanger but nothing was there. Just then the shower curtain opens. He steps out and makes eye contact with a startled _____. A small smile crawled across D.O's features. ~Present Time~ "So you think Chanyeol is rude?" D.O asks smirkimg at the flusterd ______. She tried looking at the wall behind him instead of looking at his milky abs. Boy did they look amazing. "Who told you i was talking about Chanyeol?" She argues wiping her hands on her pants. Maybe she should bolt outta here. I mean she should right? People will think she is a pervert or something! "I heard you and Chanyeol from outside. Don't worry ________ he is just....trying to patch things up" he says smiling sheepilshy. "Oh...thanks D.O Oppa" _____ replies smiling at the short male who's face turns red. D.O opens his mouth to add some more but feels...airy all of a sudden. _______ immediately lets out a scream and D.O looks to where her eyes had been. The towel was pooled around his legs. He lets out a shriek grabbing the towel as she bolts out of the washroom. Oh, she doesn't stop there she runs down the hall and collapses on the floor covering her beet red face. She couldn't believe what she saw! She saw D.O's.....ugh!!! She tried claiming herself down. She heard footsteps getting closer to her as she closed her eyes shut. She couldn't face D.O now! The person lightly puts their hand on her shoulder making her yelp. "Its ok, it me" Kai says reassuringly. She looks up at the tanned male and smiles back getting up, with his help. "What happened?" He asks looking around. She wanted to blurt out how she saw D.O's junk but she didn't want to be mistaken as a pervert. "Uh....i saw a cockroach" she lies smoothly. Kai's eyes widen as he slowly steps back. "A c-cockroach? YeonHee was supposed to g-get rid of them....where did it go?" He asks shakily as he olds the railing on the staircase. If he had to jump down to the living room, he would. "Uhh...that way" she ways pointing to the further room. He relaxes a bit sighing out in relief. "Thank god...its just Chanyeol's room" he says happy. ______ nods catching her breath in the process. "Say....uh your were helping YeonHee help the other day right? Can you....catch that Cockroach? If you don't mind! Cuz I'm afraid that it might crawl into my room or something" Kai rambles nervously. _______ giggles at how cute he looked. "Of course! After all I'm trying to help YeonHee!" She says cheery and back to normal. "Here....good luck!" Kai says handing her Gloves and bug spray from a closet compartment. _______ sighs remembering how Chanyeol acted like a douche earlier to her. Taking a large deep breath she tip toes closer to the room. About a arms length away from the door she hears a soft melody. Getting curious she gets closer and leans her head against the door not putting all of her weight. The tune was soft and sweet followed by Chanyeol deep throaty voice. The song was pretty hurtful, stating the pain and heart break if love. This got _______ to wonder. Was Chanyeol's heart broken? The song seemed to be dying down so she put her weight on the door, wanting i hear more. Not knowing it was open as she flew into the room face planting with the floor. The can of bug spray rolls to Chanyeol who stops it. ________ just lays there on the floor unable to get up due to embarrassment. "Woah! _______, are you ok?" He asks rushing to her side helping her up. "I-I'm fine Chanyeol...." She notes how kind he was acting now. Did he have a multiple personality disorder of something? "Uh...what were you doing?" He asks setting his guitar down as she brushed her pants. "Oh! Uh i saw a....a cockroach come in here, Kai sent me to kill it" she says glad she had a back up story in place. She didn't want to be called a creep or anything. "Oh shit really?! I HATE bugs!!" He says slowly getting on his desk leaving an awestruck_____. Was everyone here scared of a mere bug? "Uh...don't worry i'll find it" she assures. She wanted to face palm her self for looking for something that wasn't there to begin with. She was about to walk to the other end of the room when something catches her eye. She quickly looked and couldn't believe her eyes. There WAS a cockroach! And is was going to go under Chanyeol's desk! She quickly runs to it with her can , spraying. Getting on her knees she goes after it as it crawls under the desk. Unknowingly her head hits the desk getting it wobbly. "Woah!" Chanyeol tried to told on but lost his balance. As _______ looks up to check what was wrong with him, Chanyeol come tumbling down on top of her. "Ouch! How much do you weight man" she groans opening her eyes. Chanyeol's face was inches away from her face. His breathing came to a halt as they stared into each others eyes. Chanyeol's eyes glance to her lips, beautiful and plump, his heart was racing as thoughts went flying into his head. Just then someone coughs as if to revel their presence . Turning there heads the see D.O standing there fully clothed his arm crossed across his chest. ______face blushed even harder as she locked eyes with D.O. "Getting along i see.." Tags: @tiffany1922@morhilge1441@yaya12@Izzy987@tinafalcon22@melibee717@MoraLesley@zzzdonk@DejaunaeSiders@MidnightMadness@msutiyono

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