The Level of Russian Laser Weapon

In 1983, the United States proposed the "Star Wars" program, which set off an arms race of the two super powers. One of the Soviet

response to U.S. ballistic missile "killer mace" weapons, is loaded with carbon dioxide burning laser "polar" spacecraft. This CO2

laser output power up to 1 MW, with good penetration. But due to the launch vehicle control system failure resulting in spacecraft

disintegrated, the Soviet military space-based laser weapons dream complete destruction.

Aiming accuracy has increased to the second level

In the field of ground-based 5000mw Laser weapons, the Soviet Union harvest, they have a variety of equipment in the arsenal. In 1982,

the Soviet Union developed the "triangular dagger" self-propelled laser weapons successfully-- the use of high power laser pulse attack

photoelectric guidance system,which can make the enemy tanks, self-propelled artillery and helicopters paralysis. Later, the Soviet

Union also has produced the "red chalk" laser air defense system, "compression" laser chariot and "distant" laser chemical car. Laser

system is very similar, can produce high power laser pulse, destroy a certain range of enemy radar photoelectric equipment.

On the basis study of the Soviet Union, Russia made a number of breakthroughs in the field of solid-state tactical 300mw Green Laser

weapon ,they have developed a pulse laser energy reached 2000 joules of Nd: glass laser, aiming precision is improved to the second

level, and there have been many generation of laser weapon equipment of our troops. At present, in Russian Il-76 transport aircraft as

the foundation of the development of "A-60" space based laser weapon and has been repeatedly test, more recently increased efforts in

this regard.

Breakdown of 100 mm thick steel plate

At present, the United States, Russia and other military powers have invested heavily in research and development of the world's most

powerful laser pointer weapons, as its important deterrent force and ability to attack.According to the different laser weapon power

size and the different operation tasks, the laser weapons can be divided into two major categories: Strategic laser weapon and tactical

laser weapon. The strategy is mainly used for laser weapons to attack enemy satellites and other equipment, to snatch control of the

air. Russia is developing anti satellite equipment, and plan a test launch of laser weapon.

Compared with the strategic laser weapon, tactical laser weapon has been developed rapidly because of its low cost, low technical

difficulty and low power consumption. Russia has already equipped with multi generation vehicle laser weapon system, which can be 3 to

5 kilometers of target damage, and even more than 100 mm thickness of the steel plate.

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