Kuma's Corner - Chicago, IL (Avondale)

This place is touted as the "best burger place in Chicago", and from my experience so far, I have to agree. In fact, it's the best burger I've had...anywhere. But WARNING before you go: 1. There are no reservations, and the wait for dinner on a weekend is often 1-2 hours. There are plenty of bars nearby, though. 2. It's a Goth-heavy metal?(I'm not an expert in that area, get the terminology all mixed up). The waiters have interesting tattoos and piercings, metal music is playing, etc. It's also more of a bar than a restaurant, so it's NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY at night. In fact, when I was there once, the most disturbing video I have seen to date was playing on the TV (and I've seen some messed up stuff on the internet). I've tried two of their burgers: Iron Maiden - avocado, cherry peppers, pepper jack, chipotle mayo High On Fire - siracha hot chili sauce, prosciutto, roasted red pepper, grilled pineapple, sweet chili paste These ingredients are all on top of a 10oz beef patty, and if God punishes me for going to this seemingly devil-friendly burger joint, at least let me finish the burger first. Best: Best burger in town Worst: The long wait, the disturbing movie playing on the TV

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