One Day

One day, I woke up seeing the whole world in gray. I remember the stars were of no importance to me. I remember the sunsets being colorless and the sunrise such a bore. But, on that fateful day I ran into you. You showed me how beautiful each star was, and they suddenly became important. You showed me that the sunsets were an end that was so out of this world, and every sunrise was a beginning with remembrance. One day, I woke up and suddenly the world was back in gray. I remember feeling the dread that aligned the stars. I remember feeling that the once, beautiful sunset was really an end, and the sunrise forgetting. Because, when I saw the news I remembered I had lost you. One day, I didn't wake up. I remember staying with you in my dreams, watching the stars with love in our eyes. I remember watching the beautiful endings and the beautiful beginnings of each dream I had, with you. ~KB

"I want to be there for you; for the one who showed me how to love myself. " ~KB
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