Kookies and Cream

Chapter 1 The Shop

Her work at the ice cream shop was getting a little boring lately. Same old, same old routine. This was only a part time job that help cover some of the expenses her college scholarship didn't cover. Her mom and dad weren't stingy when it came to money and if she needed something they usually didn't mind helping her out. But somehow, it didn't feel right to be in your twenties and still depending on your parents, so she usually declined their help when money was involved. The small ice cream shop, she had been working since she started college two years ago, was a family owned business. Her boss, Mrs Lee, a nice old lady, had learned the business from her father and had recently opened up her own shop. The shop was one year old when she started working there so at the beginning things were kind of slow. But know that the business was picking up, her boss had promised her to hire someone else to help her around.

The ice cream parlor had recently become a hanging spot for younger people. With Ewha University close by, and when the news spread of great, hand-made, tasty ice cream, this was eventually going to happen. This was one of the reasons she decided to work there in the first place, for the close proximity to her school. With the sudden increase on business, the weekends were usually high on traffic and she was forced to work full time both days. This left her drained of energy for the upcoming week. But she didn't feel right leaving her nice boss to tend by herself when she needed her the most. Today, was the day the new help was supposed to start. Mrs. Lee, had been interviewing people the entire past week. She couldn't see them getting interviewed because all the interviews were held in the morning. That time was usually the slowest and it was the time she attended classes. Mrs Lee told her she had finally hired a nice young man that would be starting in the weekend.

Today, she had come half an hour earlier than her time slot to meet the new person that would be helping them out. They usually arrived an hour early from the time of opening to clean things around and set what needed to be set. But she had come 30 minutes before that to make sure she wasn't caught off guard. She was supposed to train the new employee and show him the ropes. And she wanted to be prepared and make sure of what she needed to show him. Mrs Lee and her were already in the shop. When she heard the back door opened, she knew that that was probably the new guy. "Kurim?" Mrs Lee said. "Yes, Mrs Lee?" "I want you to meet Jeon Jung Kook." She couldn't believe her eyes. There he was, the boy that four years ago had broken her heart before disappearing the next day, Jeon. Jung. Kook.

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