Eternity (Vixx FanFic Book 2)

Chapter 10 ************** Beep Beep Beep I kept hearing the beeping noise in my ear. I squinted my eyes as the bright lights shined in my eyes. Groaning as I tried to sit up but someone pushed me down. "You're awake" the female voice said. I looked up to see a lady in a white coat with her brown hair in a high pony tail. She had a pen and clip board on the table next to her. "Careful, you were in a accident. Not a whole lot happened to you but your friend took a mighty good hit. She and the baby are okay and stable. "Baby?" I asked with my throat all froggy throat. I cleared my thoat and looked at her for answers. "Yes she's almost a month pregnant." She said and went back to checking everything. "My name is Doctor Hava Kim but you can call me Doctor Kim." I nod to her and looked down at my hands. Then I thought about Master Leo and I panicked. "What? What's wrong?" She asked me. "Do you know what time it is?" Asking her as she looked at her watch. "Its almost nine pm, why?" "So I was asleep for a whole day. Do you have a phone I can barrow for a second." She didn't answer me back but only pulled out a phone what was beaten up. "Im sure this is your friends phone. It keeps ringing but it doesn't unlock for us to answer the call. Its like it has a spell on it or something." I took it and looked at it. "Only her, My Masters and I can only use it. There's a symbol on it for only us can can unlock." "Hmm so your in a clan?" "Yes" The phone started to ring in my hand and I answered it. "Nisha where are you? What happened?" "Master N!" "Areum? What happened?" "We got into a car accident and we are in the hospit-" "We are on our way" he said hanging up. I looked at the blank screen, and sighed. I guess I'll have to wait until they all come. "I'll go get your friend to be transferred to this room. Just press the button on the wall if you need anything." She said while taking her things and walking out of the room. I could tell you that it only took them all fifteen minutes to walk in the room. All six of them rushing in my room. "Areum!!" Master Leo rushed to me and sat on the bed where his hand caressed my scares on my face. "Are you okay?" "Yes Master Leo, I'm okay, so is Nisha. The doctor went to go get her to be transferred into this room." Master N came standing next to Leo as the rest of them took their seats. "Areum please tell us what happened?" Master N pleaded me. I took in silence to recall what happened. "We were at an intersection when the light turned green. Nisha started driving and out of no where a car was heading towards us on her side. We flipped several times before coming to a stop. I used Nisha's phone to call for an ambulance to take us here." By this time the door opened and a bed was rolled in. Nisha was laying on it with IV's hooked to her. They placed her next to me and Master N rushed to her side. "Oh my" Doctor Kim said looking at all of us before her eyes landed on Master Ken. They seemed to be in their moment for a little while before she cleared her throat and looked at Master N. "Are you her husband?" She asked Master N. As he nod. "I see. Well Mr.--" "Cha" "Well Mr. Cha, your wife is fine. Seems to be recovering fast. She and the baby are stable enough that there will be no problems later on. She will probably be waking up soon." "Wait say it again" "That she's recovering fast" "No the other part. And I know she is, she is a vampire like I and my brothers" "She should be waking up soon" Doctor Kim seemed to be confused of what Master N was asking. "No what you said before that?" "Oh!! She and the baby are stable enough that there will be no problems later on" she finally understood. "Baby?" Master N questioned in disbelief. "Yes she's almost a month pregnant" We all looked at Master N and seeing the words replay in his head as he was letting it sink in. "I'm going to be a father?" He seem liked he believed it but still couldn't wrap his head around it. "Congrates HakYeon" Master Ken said while patting Master N on the shoulder. "Called it!!!!" Master Hyuk said as Master Hongbin and Master Ravi took out money from their pockets and handed it to Hyuk. "Remind me not to bet against you" Hongbin muttered. "I know you can see the future but can you see all of ours and yours?" Ravi muttered. "Yes, I can see all of your futures expect mine. Everytime I try to see mine, all I get is black fuzzy images. But all of yours are clear" Doctor Kim cleared her throat "I have other patients to tend to but if she needs anything or she wakes up there's a button on the wall to press on." And with that she walked out. "You should be laying down" Master Leo said. I shook my head but he gave me one of his glares whiched ended up me laying back in the bed. Master N sat on the bed next to Nisha. He bite his wrist and placed it over her mouth. I could see her gulping down his blood. He pulled back his wrist and licked it. I didn't see what happened next because Master Leo took my eyes off of them. "I'm feeling like a third party over here so I'm going to look for food" Master Hyuk said as Master Hongbin, Master Ravi and Master Ken nod in agreement. When they left the room. Master Leo didn't hesitate to capture my lips with his. He was leaving me breathless after pulling away. "Never again are you to be in the hospital" he glared at me. I nod at him and he pulled himself down on the bed to lay next to me. "Sleep for now, will talk later" And with that I could finally sleep in his arms again. @MichelleIbarra@KaeliShearer@MsLoyalHeart@terenailyn@MeghanJorgina@Kpossible4250@TesneemElAlami@RandomName@Stefany17@Allyson3333@KassyGuz96@tiffany1922@christianliu@EmilyPeacock@Keniaaxox@sarahdarwish@DanaMichelle@faith92@RedChord@morhilge1441@MelissaGarza@BetseyBleau@MrsBangYongguk@Animezkpopgirl@CLAKPOP@StefaniTre @QueenLee@kpopandkimchi@MariaMontoya1@SindyHernandez@leelee12@MayraYanez@AmberRelynn@deilig@EleanorKriegel@SashaLove@KAddict@NadineEsquivel@leab259@KaiJae@Jaysbae13@TishForde@JadeOwens@Princess2425@BangtansWife95@MaritessSison @conversehigh@KassyGuz96@HurdKpop@IsisMayaVelasco@sung1rl199674@SerenaArthurs @Eliortiz13 @CheniseLewis @CheyenneJessee @Bizzycx @ParkHwaYoung@MomoChamie @BridgetJara @RKA916@EmmaJolie@JeniseRamos @letsloveshinee@resavalencia @Pheobe324 @Tweety19 @MelinaHernandez @AvisSpirit@ammagrande@SuniWilcox@KristinaCaron@Jinislife@twistedPuppy

Hi guys my name is Jarvia. I'm shy but also I'm outgoing once I warm up to pplz. I love writing, reading, music, and tattoos.
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