The Interplanetary Physics Of Love & Chocolate~ D. James Breaux

Surveying a

nearby beach

on the outer limits

of a nearby

black hole

just looking up

and checking on

Love's Eternal

Memory Collection

and noticing

its measurelesness

how safely

it stays blanketed



cosmos and

dreaming of you

or the time

we kissed

in the dark

the most precious


dazed in dusk, adorned

beneath love's

magic stars

a slow walk

along the edge

of forever's

landscape, magic

and our hands

holding on

so tight

and looking into

each other's eyes

and we knew.

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Here is a less than stellar and far less than spellbinding assemblage of random, distracted, tormented, abstract splashings from some invisible old inkwell hidden in some dusty basement I think somewhere in a parallel universe because unsourced works from the outer origins of a mad mind sometimes fetch a life of their own and get lost whenever time gets broken on the coast of infinity....#OutlawInCharge ❤️
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