Asian Drama Challenge Day 8

My Favorite Actor?

Korean - So Ji Sub

The drama that introduced me to SJS is Glass Shoes (2002) starring Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Ji Ho, So Ji Sub and Han Jae Suk. Although, the two lead girls were head over heels over Han Jae Suk, SJS took my attention. His eyes are covered with layers of emotions. He's the type of actor that speaks with his eyes and that's a brilliant thing. In his earlier drama, his roles are more depressing (he's normally beat up or goes through a rocky road in life). He rocked those characters and more or less made my eyes teary through the entire drama. It's a good transition for SJS to move on to happier roles where he's the CEO or son of a conglomerate. In older dramas, he always plays the poor guy moving up the ladder.


My Favorite Dramas:

Taiwanese - Chris Wu

I know everyone was expecting to see Aaron Yan on my list! Although, I really enjoy Aaron's acting I don't think he could take on roles that requires him to bawl his eyes out. He's cute, handsome and makes viewers heart flutter but unfortunate he's the same in most drama. I think most Taiwanese actor I've seen stay in the safe zone in terms of acting and genre. Chris Wu is one of the few actors I've seen exploring ways to expand his genre and character.

My Favorite Dramas:

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