Eternity (Vixx FanFic Book 2)

Chapter 11 ************** ~Person's P.O.V~ The room was dark as I had the wine glass in my hand. My two pets were hanging on the ceiling of the room. They looked pathetic hanging there with no clothes on and tape on their mouth. "I told you to make Areum to go unconscious not Master N mate." "I'm sorry Master, how could I known that she wouldn't be driving." The loser said. He was Areum's latest Master before the Vixx clan took her. I took the last sip of my wine. Looking at him on his knees, shaking with fear of his own. I placed the wine glass down before unbuttoning a few buttons on my shirt. I rolled up my sleeves to my elbows and stood up. He sat there on his knees looking at me with fear in his eyes. I grabbed him by the neck and held a tight grip. He made choking noises as I brought him to my face. "You are to bring Leo to me and nobody else. This is your last chance, if you screw this up, I'll be sure to make you die in suffering pain. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes sir" he managed to get the words out as I let ho of him. He fell to the ground and ran out the house. I turned to my pets and smiled at them. The looked at me wide eye and squirmed. I couldn't helplessly laugh at them. I walked towards the women and took her down. I dragged her by the hair as she cried with tears in her eyes. "Oh husband" I called out to him as I held his wife in my hands. "It would be a shame to not let you see how your wife died, now will it. Or maybe I can have my fun since she is all naked. Are you willing to share?" I asked him as his muffled screams came out of his mouth. I laughed and pushed the wife's hair away from the crook of her neck. I crouched down and opened my mouth, where the fangs were exposed in plain sight. He rattled and screamed as my eyes didn't take off of his. I sanked my fangs into her neck and took her blood. Before pushing her down to the ground while unbuckling my pants and pushing them down. I decided to have my fun as I thrust my member into her. She looked at her husband as she cried while I raped her. ~Areum P.O.V~ "Are you sure you don't need anything else?" I asked Nisha. She woke up yesterday and the doctor sent both of us home. She put Nisha on bed rest for a week or so and I was helping Nisha out by getting her something to eat or if she needed something. "No I'm good for now but I'm pretty sure HakYeon will be here any second and will be all over me" she said as I nod. It was true, Master N doesn't even let her walk. He carries and do everything for her as he is worried for her and the baby. With the baby being almost a month in her stomach it is quite a chance that the baby could be a hybrid of human and vampire. But with the way her stomach is growing it looks like she could be three or four months of pregnancy. Doctor Kim thinks that since both Nisha and Master N being vampires and that the baby being a vampire makes the pregnancy go by quicker then a normal human pregnancy. The doors open and we both knew is was the boys. Master N came rushing in after being a minute and Master Leo came behind after him. As the rest of them came in one by one. "Where is my sister!!" A male voice called out. "Zeke!!!" Nisha called out. An average guy with the same hair color as Nisha came in the room. He hugged her tight as more people came in. "Mina!! I haven't seen you in forever." A lady who was also pregnant came in the room with seven boys trailing behind. "I know!! I was thinking the samething!!" She sat down next to Nisha. I stepped up in front of them. "Would you like something to eat or drink." I had to show my best manners infront of my Masters. "Oh who's this?" The girl Mina asked. "This is Areum. She's Leo's soon to be mate" everyone's eyes were on me. I felt awkward under their stares. "Its nice to meet you Areum, I'm Mina, this is Zeke. Over there is my clan members Shownu, Kihyun, Minhyuk, Jooheon, I.M, Wonho and Hyungwon." They all bowed to me as I bowed back. "Its nice to meet you all. Can I get you anything?" I asked again as they shook their heads and I nod. I left the room but before I could go hid, a hand slipped into mine and dragged me out of the house. Master Leo was holding my hand and leding the way out to the meadows that we once visited before. I laid down and faced the sky. As I looked up at the stars. Being here reminded me about my dream I had weeks ago. "What are you thinking about?" Master Leo asked me. "About my dream that I had of this place." "The one you thought you lost me?" He asked as I nod. Creasing my hair and looked at me in the eyes. "There's a 0000000000.1 percent chance of you losing me. I will never leave your side. From the first day until our last day together we will always be together." I believe all the words he was saying. "Areum, once this is all over, I'll make you my mate" His words made my heart pound faster. He pulled out a velvet box from his pocket and opened it to show a shinny diamond ring in it. I gasped and looked at him. He took my hand and slipped the ring on. I couldn't be more happy then I have ever been in my whole life. "Areum I love you" he whispered to me as he cupped my face and gave me a sweet kiss. Those words were official and I was happy that I would be saying them back. I smiled "I love you too Master Leo" He scrunched up his nose as I laughed at him. He laughed with me and pulled me close. "TaekWoon" he said as his breathe faned the crook of my neck. "My real name is TaekWoon and I want you to call me that from now on. I use to hate it after my childhood accident but I want you to only use it." "I love you TaekWoon" I whispered to him. He kissed my cheek. "I love you more" We laid in silence as we looked at the night sky. There was a rustling noise coming from behind. Master Leo got up and went to check it out but as I waited he didn't come back. I got up from the ground and started to call his name. "Master Leo!!!" "Master Leo!!!"  Its to bad you couldn't save him" a voice said. I couldn't see the guy face, until he came out of the shadows. I gasped at my current old Master, who just stood in front of me. "What have you done to Master Leo?" "He's being punished for taking something that wasn't his" his words whispered in ear like wind. He disappeared as I was left in the meadow. Fire started circling around me. I slumpped down to the ground and sobbed as I called out for Master Leo. The flames caught on my clothing and started to burn me as I cried in pain. I took out the phone that Master Leo gave me and dialed Master N number. "Areum?" "Help I'm stuck in the meadows with fire around me. Master Leo was taken." I coughed. "Hold on Areum, we're coming" he said hanging up the phone. I knew they super speed there way here because I was in somebody's arms as I passed out from inhaling to much smoke. JKONICS:@kpopaddict16@MaritessSison@MomoChamie@RandomName @sarahdarwish@Animezkpopgirl @Jaysbae13@SuniWilcox@HurdKpop@MayraYanez@conversehigh@AmberRelynn @SindyHernandez@CLAKPOP Starnights:@Kpossible4250@KAddict@Princess2425

Hi guys my name is Jarvia. I'm shy but also I'm outgoing once I warm up to pplz. I love writing, reading, music, and tattoos.
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