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*I'm going to try and dig a bit deeper than just what I've been assigned based on my own personality, make it like a story, have some fun with it. Bare with me. Here we go.

Everyone was jealous of me. For winning (if you can even call it that) the heart of the beautiful Titania Erza, Queen of the Fairies. Not that I really did anything, just live through a different hell. We originally bonded when she first arrived at Fairy Tail. She had just escaped from the Tower of Heaven, and was very vulnerable at the time. I wasn't sure where I came from... with only nightmares as clues, it was hard to piece anything together. Though if those nightmares were any indicator... I didn't want to know. I'd seen enough death just in my dreams.

In a way, I took her in. She flocked to anyone who could understand the loss of their family, and had the willpower to still move forward.

Despite being a child of barely 11, I already had my first contract. I was a Celestial Spirit Wizard and had already been able to open The gate of Amethyst (the jewel symbolizing royalty) Cassiopeia, the Queen.

Similar to Lucy Heartfilia's Capricorn, Cassiopeia possesses a form of Subordination magic called Queen's Rod, which allows her to manipulate and overwhelm most low level wizards with relative ease. Monsters are completely under her, and by extension my control. I have a small army in the woods that come at my beck and call.

She also has something called Mother's Love, a spell that can remove injuries both minor and major based on a variety of things that change daily. They range from standard, amount of magic you possess, to the random, how long your toenail is.

Over the years I've expanded my roster slightly with the Keys (though I haven't gotten any new keys since I was 13); Perseus, Orion and the Big Dipper.

Orion and Perseus are valiant warriors, and can be summoned at the same time with ease. The two work well together even if they are a bit socially clumsy. The Big Dipper, or B-Dip as he calls himself, is my butler, despite his "fresh-fly attitude". I don't ask.

Not that I'm weak on my own of course, I've received basic training from Fairy Tail's resident S Class Wizard, Guildarts.

Which brings me back to Erza... I got training from Guildarts thanks to his daughter, my childhood friend Cana Alberona.

We met when she joined Fairy Tail in search of her father. I was seven and she was six. This was four years before Erza escaped from the tower (Check the timeline it's true), and Cassiopeia informed me she was Guildarts' daughter. Cassiopeia had previously belonged to Cana's mother Cornelia, who was an S-Class Wizard alongside Guildarts. She recognized her charge's daughter right away. I struck up a conversation with her about her father, who she was pleased to learn would be returning soon. We bonded and Cassiopeia taught Cana Card Magic, a skill she her mother had possessed on top of being a Celestial Spirit Wizard. When Guildarts returned, we spoke with him. He was overjoyed to have a daughter, and in a way, the three of us became like a little family. Natsu would jump in every now and then, wanting a fight from me and Guildarts, but despite his pleas, we never took him on quests or out to train. We would take various trips and journeys, sometimes Cana and I, sometimes Guildarts and I. Sometimes the two of them alone. Then, after about two years, they disappeared for over three years.

Many years had past since I met Cana and Erza arrived. We began going out on quests together at the request of Porlyusica, who thought that Cassiopeia's Mother's Love could potentially heal Erza's eye. Even though I could very easily handle the missions we were sent on, Erza often dealt with the problems before I even had the chance to act. Despite this, she looked up to me and treated me with a great deal of reverence, even though I was a year younger than her. This went on for about two years. Fairy Tail slowly became her home, as it was to me.

Around this time, Cana and her father returned (the two had been doing normal family things ever since we confronted him about Cana when he returned) and the S-Class candidates took the test at Tenrou. The theme that year was a mix of survival and tournament styled combat. A last man standing contest in a way. Early on, Cana was eliminated by Erza, I eliminated Mirajane, and Laxus eliminated just about everyone else. Eventually Erza and I clashed and I brought her down, being used to all her moves and having superior strength from all the time I trained with Guildarts. I fell to Laxus shortly thereafter. He became an S-Class Wizard. The youngest at the time at the age of 17.

I was 13 along with Erza, and Cana was 12. I quickly surpassed Laxus' record, taking the title of S-Class the next year at age 14. Erza quickly followed suit at age 15, and Cana matched Erza.

The girls and I developed our magic at exponential rates, the power ranking amongst us (as well as Mirajane, who was expected to be made S-Class within the next year, Laxus, and Mystogan, the fan favorite to oppose Mira's S-Class chances) was heavily debated and bet upon amongst the older generation. People even began placing bets on who would be the first of us to surpass Guildarts or even take over as the new master.

For all intents and purposes, things died down as Guildarts, Cana, myself, Laxus, and Erza began taking more difficult and time-consuming S-Class quests, the reputation of Fairy Tail was, once more, that of a powerhouse.

I heard, more than witnessed, the battle with Phantom Lord, though I wasn't needed. I was away at the time and upon arriving found Gajeel Redfox, the man responsible for most of the atrocities against our guild, a full fledged member. Despite this, he was treated like the plague. But I had not seen what he had done, and his face reminded me of a child's I had seen in one of my nightmares. I wondered if this was him as an adult.

I began going out on quests with him... it took time, but we became closer than brothers.

Gajeel Redfox quickly became my best friend in Fairy Tail, his abrasive attitude earning my complete trust. I never found out how, or if he even was connected to my past, but due to my support of him, he was accepted into the guild. Laxus didn't quite share my opinion, but he restrained himself out of respect for me.

It was around that time that Erza confessed her love for me. I still don't think it was love. She had just returned from her past prison. The Tower of Heaven. She had been beaten, betrayed... old wounds resurfaced. Apparently Natsu, Grey, and the Phantom Lord girl Juvia, who Gajeel had spoken highly of, had helped her, but she was emotionally very fragile at the time and was looking for someone to love her. I did... but not the way she wanted.

To be completely frank... I was in love with my childhood friend, Cana Alberona. I don't know when it happened, or how... but it did.

I doubt she feels the same, considering the way she was cheering Erza on... and I knew Erza needed help... so now I'm dating a woman I do not love.

Most people would be happy to be in my predicament I'm sure... Gajeel still thinks I'm being too picky... and who knows...

For now... I'm dating an old friend who may or may not love me, my true love probably sees me as a brother, my best friend Gajeel is trying to help me sort through the mess, and I'm fighting gigantic monsters by summoning a Queen from a key. All in all... usual Fairy Tail stuff.

And end!

Uhg this was way too long... it took me like 3 hours to do. Props if you made it this far. Hope you enjoied it.

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