Huong dan cach ung tien Mobifone nhanh

M70 Mobifone

Syntax perform cash application services Mobifone

- Write syntax: UT send 900

- The amount of 3,000 applications / time cash advance.

- Amount to be added to the account of prepaid km3, used domestic services: voice / SMS / MMS-net / networking and several value added services.

Subjects and conditions of use services

- Subscribers operate more than 360 days.

- The subscriber is active 2-way.

- The amount in the account <VND300.

dang ky 3G Mobifone

- Compose: Y sends 9015 (application to accept the money.

- Compose: 9015 TC sent (to refuse to use the Fast Credit Service).

- Compose: DK posts 9015 (re-registration to the service).

In addition, customers can refer dang ky 3g mobifone and the value-added service of Mobifone attractive can be helpful for everyone.

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