DAY 11 - Your favorite drama genre?

Romance! Anything with romance!!! I have always been a big fan of the romance genre ever since I started watching anime back in 6th grade and then became a fan of asian dramas. I just love watching couples act cute, get their own little fairy tale and fall in love. The kiss scenes are my favorite, maybe it's because I've never dated and I'm lacking the love I want. Therefore, I resort to watching others relationships blossom but I just love watching them. I will give other drama genre's a try as long as they have a hint of romance in them. If they don't I find them boring. I like the mystery genre as well. For example dramas like The Girl Who Sees Smells and I Remember You. The action/romance genre such as City Hunter and Healer. Healer is the perfect example of my favorite combination. I just love that combo of action and romance with a little drama thrown in. Also the medical dramas with romance like Emergency Couple, Blood, Doctor Crush and even Descendants of The Sun that has some military as well which I enjoyed. Those are some examples. So, as long as it's got the romance. I'm down for it!


TOP 5 OTP'S:5. Flower Boy Ramen Shop4. Kiss Me3. Just You2. Fated To Love You1. Healer -


Love Rain Emergency Couple Pinocchio Coffee Prince Last Cinderella Down With Love Oh My Venus Descendants of the Sun Mary Stayed Out All Night Devil Beside You Queen In Hyun's Man I loved all of these couples and they all had great chemistry with each other. These are some of my favorites! So, if you know of any good romance dramas that maybe I haven't seen yet let me know!

I encourage all of you to play along by making your own cards or answer in the comments, what YOUR favorite drama genre is!

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