The Girl Who Died {Ch. 3}

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Chapter 3 - "And I thought I was a pervert..."

Na Ra's P.O.V

"And so everytime he saw me he would be like 'GET AWAY FROM ME!' all because I broke his nose on acciden-"

As I was babbling to Yugyeom, I suddenly stopped and noticed that he had fallen asleep in the chair.


I went over to wake him up when I heard the door to the attic open.

I naturally froze but then realizing that they wouldn't be able to see me I stood completely still.

"Ah this guy - falling asleep while sitting upright." The voice spoke. I noticed it to be one of the other boys, one I didn't know yet.

He went over and picked him up and almost fell over if he hadn't caught his footing.

I couldn't help but laugh at the situation.

"Aish, why is he so much did he eat?" He tried again but resorted to pulling him to the bed and basically throwing him on top.

He pulled the covers over him and stared at him for a second.

"Well at least he won't catch a cold now." He sighed, placing his hands on his hips.

"Jaebum! Are you going to play this game with us?" One of the other boys yelled out.

Oh, so his name is Jaebum...

"Yeah, I'm coming!" And after that he ran down the stairs and after closing the door behind him he left Yugyeom and I alone in the room - in silence.

I sighed sad to be alone again. I turned around to look back at the window and was startled when you appeared in front of me.

"OM- YAH. Stop showing up out of nowhere!" I yelled at you. You silently shushed me, making me realize that I could potentially wake Yugyeom up.

"Sorry. I underestimate how loud I can be sometimes, or how much I talk apparently." You looked at me confused.

"Oh I talked Yugyeom to sleep. I was telling him this story about how much I hated this one g-" You then waved me off, making me stop mid-sentence.

"Fine! I didn't want to tell you anyway!" I stuck my tongue out at you and just gave me a weird look as I turned back around to look out the window. I sighed.

Well Yugyeom is definitely unique. He can see me, even if I don't make myself visible to him.

It's so weird. But he seems like a nice guy.

Wait. Should I have introduced myself to him?

Ah man, I didn't even think about that! What if he tells the other members about me? SHOOT!

Slightly overreacting, I turned back around to where Yugyeom was sleeping to see you on the bed, laying next to him.

"What are you doing?!" I whisper-yelled. You stuck your tongue out at me as you snuggled up next to him, cuddling his side.

"What if he wakes up?!" You shook your head as if the idea was preposterous until Yugyeom started to stir.

Your eyes widened in panic as did mine as he shifted onto his side, only facing you now as you still held onto him. Your shocked face turned into one that could only be described as creepy as you leaned into Yugyeom, sticking your lips out as you inched closer to his face.

I stopped you before your lips met his and pulled you out of the bed and to my side. I hit you, making you wince.

"What the hell was that?! Were you trying to wake him up? Or just divulge in your fantasies?!" You shrugged, unfazed by what I was saying.

"And I thought I was a pervert..." I stated under my breath. You tried to sneak back over to the bed but I grabbed you by the wrist and floated us to the rooftop.


"Okay, no more boys for you tonight." You pouted, making me laugh. You pointed to your wrist, asking to be let go. "I will, only if you don't go attack him again!" I said. You opened your mouth as if going to try to fight me when I stopped you. "No buts!" You sighed, nodding. I let go, and you immediately brought it back to your side, cradling it.

"So what brings you here this time?" I questioned, wondering why you popped up out of nowhere. You shrugged, looking as if you had no idea yourself.

"Weird. You must just come at certain times." You nodded. "I will probably have a heart attack every time so please try not to scare me on purpose." You silently laughed and gave me a thumbs up.

"So...I found out that the seven of them are in a band." You loudly gasped next to me, shaking your head up and down. You proceeded to pull out a phone from your pocket and scrolled through it. I was confused at what you were doing until you showed me pictures of the boys.

"Oh, is this them?" I asked, and you nodded very excitedly.

"Oh there is Yugyeom! And Junior! And...I think his name was Jaebum?" You clapped, surprised that I knew some of the names already.

"Who are the others?" You held up a finger, signaling me to wait as you pulled up pictures of the others with names so I could identify who they were.

"Ah, this was the one with the abs! Jackson?" You moved your head and if you could talk I swear that you would have squealed. "Woah, you must like him a lot." I laughed at your expression as you turned away from me embarrassed. You then changed to another member.

"Ah the cute one! Y-Youngjae?" I studied his face and noticed that he had an adorable smile. "He looks so nice."

"And the last one is....BamBam?" I laughed. "What kind of a name is that?" I continued to laugh when I noticed the death glare you were giving me. You threatened to hit me and I flinched, shocked by the sudden turn of your emotion. "What! It is a weird name!" You shook your head no and proceeded to pull up another picture of him.

You pointed at the name as I tried to read it. "K-Kun...p-pimook...B-Bhuwakul?" I asked. "Is that his real name?!" You nodded. "Omo. Okay, BamBam is a lot easier to say than that. He looks so skinny though! Does he even eat?!" I asked, concerned for his health. You reassured me that he was okay and closed your phone, feeling satisfied at your introduction of them.

"Well, they are all unique so it will be easy to separate them. Thank you for teaching me the rest of them. It will help me later." I said, giving you a smile. You gave me a cheesy thumbs-up paired with a funny face, making me laugh again.

"You are so weird for someone who doesn't talk." You rolled your eyes and nudged my shoulder, increasing my laughter as you smiled as well. After my laughter disappeared, we sat in silence for a bit looking at the night sky.

I started to fall asleep, my eyelids getting heavier by the second, when I jumped awake. I glanced to my side to see that you had passed out as well on my shoulder, your mouth hanging wide open. I tried not to laugh at your position so that you could sleep as I turned back to the stars, determined to stay awake.

How the hell am I going to do this? Or go about this sad regret of mine.

I can't just go up to him and be like 'Oh hi! You may not remember me but I always watched you in our Sociology class together and I had a huge crush on you so I was wondering if you could do me this tiny favor...What is it?...Well, I need you to sleep with me...Why? Because I'm dead and I can't move on, until you do...'

Yeah. Not a good idea. I feel like he would run away.

But I also can't just suddenly appear in front of him either, he will get so scared by my sudden appearance he might die on the spot.

What should I do...

I exhaled in frustration and hung my head, lost in my thoughts.

Well, if anything. I should try to befriend them first. Get them used to me being a ghost. As much of a shock that will be.

I mean, I have lots of time and they just moved in so they shouldn't be moving out soon right?

Okay. That's what I will do. Should I make myself visible right away? No...that would scare them.

Maybe I can leave them notes and messages here and there! They will like that! I am sure!

Proud of my idea, I smiled as I stared at the stars. After awhile, my eyelids started weighing on me again. Sleep then overcame me, making my head fall on top of yours under the night sky.


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