BAP "That's My Jam" Teaser

OH MY GLOB!!!! B.A.P IS KILLING ME ALREADY!!!.. ahem.. Annyeong it's Sky! So if you couldn't tell, B.A.P released the teaser for their new song "That's My Jam" which will be on their 5th Single Album "Put Em' Up". They are set to have a comeback on August 8th, 2016.

GUUUUYYYSS! I'm so pumped for this!! Lik the song isn't even out yet and I'm dead. They haven't even came back yet and I'm already gone I might not make it. The teaser already has me hooked. Can't wait to hear and see the whole thing.

I shall leave you with a beautiful parting gift. Pictures of these wonderful guys! *sigh* Baby's are in for a wonderful time.

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