Asian Drama Challenge Day 9

My Favorite Actress

Korean - Jung Yoo Mi (1983)

I first saw her in Que Sera Sera. Her beauty and aura is really unique. You can't really compare her to actress like Suzy, Park Shin Hye or Park Min Young. In my opinion, she's in a total different category, perhaps the same with Gong Hyo Jin. There is something with Jung Yoo Mi's acting that will make you connect with her. Maybe or expression or natural way of easing into the character. Whatever it is, I never get tired of seeing her act. She's mostly active in the big screen but occasionally she'll come back to the small screen.


My favorite dramas:

Que Sera Sera, I Need Romance 2012, Discovery of Love


Talking about Discovery of Love. You have to watch it if you haven't. It was her second drama project with Eric Mun and their chemistry was amazing! So many cute moments! I would definitely ship them IRL!

Taiwanese - Rainie Yang

Some of my favorites:

Interesting fact:

Who's your favorite Asian actress?


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