Bangtan's Bitch - 7

Your perspective Pairing: Jimin x reader Warning: mature content

August 6th I woke up earlier than Jimin and decided to get him and myself both hot chocolate to share in bed. One of his tops were laying by the bedside and so I swiftly slid that over my head. I made my way to the kitchen and was merely in the middle of making his hot chocolate when a deep morning voice scared me. "Don't I get one?" I turned to find Jungkook. He had to stop appearing here, there and everywhere. He had slight bags under his eyes but nothing serious. His hair, however, told a different story. It was as if he'd been dragged through a hedge backwards - twice. "You can make your own hot chocolate" I was aiming to turn back around at that moment but he stopped me. "I'm sorry about my recent behaviour" "Sorry, what?"

Why was he suddenly apologising? "It's just high hormone levels I guess, that's why I've been a bit hostile towards you. I honestly don't mean to" So he doesn't mean to 'accidentally' call me or worry about me or even tease me about having a sexual relationship with my own boyfriend? Jeon fucking Jungkook! "Yeah whatever" I wasn't really feeling the whole apology considering that is barely been awake. "Come on Y/N, the teasing is fine but I don't want you hating me, Jimin's my friend and so you should be my friend too" "Is that the first time you called me Y/N?" "I dunno, maybe" he shied away, scratching at the back of his neck.

I continued to make the hot chocolates as the conversation continued. "So why are you up then?" "One, it's the morning." I rolled my eyes, "and two I heard you in the kitchen and thought I'd go investigate, hardly anyone else is up other than me at this time." "Well then sorry I guess for waking you" "You didn't-" "The kettle is ready to be boiled again if you still want a hot chocolate." I started walking away with the drinks in my hand. His voice stopped me by the doorway. "That's it?" He sounded confused. "What? I said you can get your own drink didn't I? And besides, now you can make everyone breakfast when they wake up"

I smiled to myself as I left him alone in the kitchen. Carefully, I pushed the doorknob down, to Jimin's room, and placed the drinks on his bed side table. "Wakey wakey Chimchim" I chimed. He slowly stirred, "morning?!" I perched beside his sleepy form and rhythmically skimmed my hand through his hair. "Are you wearing my top?" He was facing reality gradually. "Y-yeah... I also got you a hot drink" "Cheers, it er it suits you" "What because it's yours?" I joked. "Well that and it looks sexy" I immediately blushed at his comment and kissed his forehead lightly. That's when I saw the time, 10am. Shit. I only had an hour or so before I had to head out to the company building.

"Chim, I have to leave you soon." "What?" He pouted, "why?" "I have to go to work in an hour and I've gotta get ready as well." "What about afterwards?" "I don't know babe, I thought you were hosting later?" "Oh... Oh yeah. What time do you get off?" "Probably around 3:30" "Dammit, I've gotta leave to head to the stage by 3." This is when I could feel him slipping through my fingers. The way that two schedules could clash always made it hard in a relationship. "I'll text you though" I reassured him, more like I was reassuring myself. He solemnly smiled, "sure, no go on, drink up and then you better get going"

Taehyung invited me to the dorm as the other boys were watching Jimin and Hoseok hosting alongside Hyuna and Gayoon from 4Minute. I got there at quarter to 4 as the show started at 4. All boys sat around in the lounge as they watched the opening performance of the programme. NCT 127 performed fire truck and then NCT U came on and performed 7th Sense. The group then came together to sing Exo's Growl. Jungkook wandered back in with a bowl of popcorn for us all to share and sat down beside me (Taehyung was sat the other side of me). My hands were shaking as the cameras zoomed from the performance stage to the side stage where the hosts were standing. "He'll do fine, don't worry" Jungkook whispered to me just before Jimin began to speak.

"Annyeongsayo and welcome to M Countdown Live" Jimin clearly spoke. "Yah! It's your hope, JHope." "And we are Gayoon.." "And Hyuna" "From 4Minute" Hoseok started to spontaneously dance to 'Hate'. "Yah Hopie, calm down" Jimin spoke that line in perfect English. Oh, so proud. Unfortunately, he continued his lines in Korean. "That opening performance was from NCT U and NCT 127 and wasn't it amazing" He then went on to mention the nominees for the whatever award for that show but before he went on to announce it he seemed to detour from the lines.

"So before we reveal which comeback has taken top spot, there are multiple artists that are preparing albums etc that should be recognised" Hoseok was obviously part of this detour as well. "Ne, like Jiminnie said, there are artists working their butts off at the moment to make some great performances and songs for you guys" "With that said I'd like to mention Mack. I know she's been working her hardest to get her new songs ready for you all to enjoy so wish her the best" What had he just...? I looked over to Jungkook as if my whole world just crashed. "He'll do fine yeah?" I mimicked him, "he'll go off the fucking script Jung-" "Woah, calm" he was trying to help but it wasn't really soothing, "it's no big deal, it certainly could have been worse"

His words finally sunk into my head. 'It could have been worse'. Yes, it could have. He could have told the whole world the ins and outs of our relationship. He could have told them about when he'd come to the studio. He could have told them more about the actual song and ruined the surprise. He could have informed them in depth about the sex. Things... Things could have gone a lot worse, I'll give Jungkook that. I'm sure, if not positive, that he'll get a beating or at least a strict word from someone when he gets back, if not anyone else then I'll do it. I appreciate it, I really do, but he doesn't need to put everything he has on the line for me. The producers of the show could express to the media that Jimin went against them to improv that. Then BTS could be ruined. Things could have gone a lot worse, but they could have gone better.

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