Daehyun Voice Appreciation!! {Daehyun Saturday}


So for today I wanted to appreciate Daehyun's high notes!! When he goes high my ears are just blessed. It literally send chiberw down my spine. I love it!!! Enjoy these videos of his amazing notes.


Ahhhh I could listen to his voice forever......Happy Daehyun Saturday!! Baby Taglist: @nikkitty@kpopandkimchi@IsoldaPazo@MelissaGarza@jjrockstar@SimplyAwkward@VatcheeAfondi99@destiny1419@Kayto4@PrettieeEmm@MrsBangYongguk@MrsChoiJunhong@SweetDuella@NyKeaKing@KellyOConnor@YongRaviZiMon@JaxomB@starbell808@mszmarclyne93@MadAndrea@yukigintokie@MaeLyn@Enlightment@DonnaSearles *Let Me Know If You Want To Be Added*

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