Diamonds are Forever: Part 8-Let the War Begin

안녕하세요 my Loverlys! Well the update happened later in the day than i had planned.... but.... here is chapter 8 of Diamonds are Forever. I hope you like what I have in store for the ending of this story. With only 11 chapters we are quicklly getting to the end.....

If you haven't read Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend I suggest you go read that before starting here because you will not understand half of what is happening this season. You can find all of those chapters....


SUMMARY: Three years after Nanami left Jin in the night, the boys have become well known and widely loved idols. She goes to every concert and watches every TV appearance, but with Rick on her heels she can never be near him. With another major heist in Korea can she contain the urge to reach out to him while she is back?

Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.


The fans waited patiently in line to meet with the boys. Albums, pictures, and gifts held tightly in their sweaty palms. Nanami smiled sadly as she looked over the scene. Levi stood off to the side her eyes for Yoongi alone as a soft look of admiration for her boyfriend played on her face. Nanami found herself looking over at Jin and her sad smile faltered, turning into a pout.

His strained smile and sad sleepless eyes made her fight the urge to run to him and make sure he was okay…. Who was she kidding, he was anything but okay. She had not only broken his heart and disappeared once… but twice. She sighed to herself as she watched him sign another autograph and smile slightly up at his fan. She noticed how the fans would stop and give him a look of pity as he tried to pretend he was fine. Nanami bit her lip hard enough to taint her tongue with the harsh flavor of iron. She was not only causing him problems but his fans as well. An idol should be happy to see his fans; not look like he was forced to be there with them.

Nanami turned to walk away unable to stand the sight of his broken emotions splayed out for everyone to see. She had been in such a hurry that she hadn't noticed the young girl standing behind her. She looked down at the girl and hurriedly apologized, as she helped her to her feet. The young girl accepted Nanami’s hand and looked up to tell her it was okay when she stopped in her tracks. Nanami watched as the look of recognition passed through the girl’s eyes and she silently cursed to herself. “You are her! You're Jin Oppa’s girlfriend!”

She had been too late to stop the girl from yelling out loud and she cringed. The room fell silent as the sound of chair legs scraping the tiled floor filled the room. “Nanami?”

Her heart sank and she once again fought the urge to turn around. She needed to escape. “Great going Nanami.” She whispered harshly to herself as she looked for the nearest exit. Her heart beat quickly in her chest and even without turning around she knew he was making his way towards her. Nanami’s eyes landed on a door leading off to an emergency exit and she smirked. “Well this is an emergency.” It wasn’t even a moment after her eyes landed on the red sign that she had taken off at a run. The girls parted for her as they watched her in shock over not only seeing her in person, but of their prized idol screaming for her to stop.

“Nanami! Wait!” Jin’s voice was filled with pain and his pleading finally stopped her in her tracks.

Nanami’s large eyes turned to take one last glance at Jin, her hand gently placed over the door’s handle. The look of panic on his face almost broke her heart while she felt her eyes sting slightly from the soon to fall tears. He quickly pushed his way through the crowd trying his hardest to make it to her before she disappeared yet again. Her face fell into a look of hopelessness and a single tear streaked down her cheek. “I’m sorry Pretty Boy.” With one last glance at him struggling to get to her, she threw open the door setting off the alarms. “I’m sorry.” She turned and disappeared through door the sound of her name from his lips the last thing she heard.


Jin paced the room restlessly as the security worked to shut off the emergency alarm Nanami had set off. Despite his trying to follow her through the door, the guards had been too quick and succeeded in pulling him into a separate room with the other members and Levi. “She was right there!” He wasn’t sure if he should feel relieved that she was well or pissed that she was yet again watching him from afar and thinking it was what was best for him.

“This is a good thing.” Levi walked over to him in an attempt to calm his raging emotions. “She is still in Korea and Rick hasn’t gotten to her. Now I know where to search.” She beamed up at Jin and nodded her head reassuringly. “She is still panicking over what happened. Just give her some time.”

“It’s been weeks! How much more time do I need to give her?” Jin ran his hands through his hair as he practically fell into a chair. “I don’t know how much longer I can take the constant stress of not knowing where she is or what she is doing. If Rick has gotten to her or if she safe.” He sighed loudly and shook his head. “Why doesn’t she understand that I am not afraid of what Rick will do? Why can’t she see that I am not going to be okay as long as she is out there planning who knows what?” Jin rubbed his face with his hands in frustration.

“Nanami is independent. You know this.” Levi chuckled humorlessly. “Hell, she even opted to leave me here this time instead of letting me help.” She looked down at him, a look of half pity and half worry crossing her features. Levi wasn’t sure how much longer she would be able to keep telling him everything was okay. She knew fully well that Nanami was not one to sit back and let Rick have the chance to hurt those she cared about. What she was going to do to make sure he left them alone though…. That thought scared Levi more than not knowing where Nanami was. She was always one extreme or another and it was only a matter of time before a bomb went off and consumed not only Rick but Nanami and Jin as well. Levi sighed softly and shook the thoughts from her head.

“I hate to be the barer of… well I am not sure if this is bad news or not, but it looks like ARMY’s are taking up the hunt.” Levi’s and Jin’s gazes fell on the maknae as he turned his phone for them to see. Playing on the small screen was a video of the events from the fan meet, and the heading to the post read ‘Calling All ARMY’s! Jin Oppa Needs Our Help!”


“Damn it, damn it, damn it!!” Jackson cringed as the door to his apartment slammed shut and a slightly disheveled Nanami walked in cursing. “I’m so stupid!”

Jackson turned on his couch the show he was watching long forgotten as he watched Nanami slam around the apartment. He watched as she called herself stupid as she slipped her shoes off of her feet. He noticed how she asked herself how she could be a thief but not be able to make it past one little girl at a fan meet. He marveled at how red her face was as she slammed around in the kitchen looking for a glass. Her mumbles sounding like something along the lines of needing to find another profession because she sucks at sneaking around. Nanami finally made her way to the couch and plopped down next to him. He couldn’t help the chuckle that left his lips at the way her face scrunched up in irritation. “So…” Nanami shot him a death glare and he smirked. “How was your afternoon?”


“Stop what?” He continued to pester her enjoying the evil eye he was getting.

“Just stop.”

“Not until you tell me what happened.” Finally realizing his show was still playing he reached for the remote to pause it. “What happened with the Rick Repellant?”

“I never made it to find what I needed.”

“Oh! Short answers. I like this game.” Jackson smirked mischievously. “So where did you go.”




“Well thank you captain obvious. Where ‘out’ did you go?”


Jackson stared at her in confusion. “What?” He laughed and shook his head. “Let’s try that again but slower and try to breath at least once or twice.

“I saw Jin.”

“You see him every day on the TV. What’s new.”

“No… I SAW Jin. As in in person. At a fan meet.” She paused and bit her lip before continuing. “And he saw me.”

Jackson gasped and threw his hand over his mouth. “You broke your own rule… well more than just one with this one Nanami.”

“I know. He was just down the street from your bar for a fan meet, and when I left to go get supplies I found my feet carrying me right to the venue. So I figured… what the hell. I will go get a look at him and then go about my day. I didn’t expect the girl to notice me and yell who I was across the room.” She huffed in frustration and rolled her eyes. “Remind me to never date an idol again.”

“Okay…. Never date an idol again.” Jackson laughed as Nanami smacked his arm. “Seriously though. You miss him… he misses you. I don’t see why you two aren’t together.”

“Because Rick will hurt him.”

“Rick already knows about him. If he wants to use him to get to you he already knows he can.”

Nanami sighed and threw her head back on the couch. “I know, and that is why I am going to make sure he can’t hurt him anymore.”

“By using yourself as bait and who knows what else that you refuse to tell me.”

“Yup.” Nanami rubbed at her face in frustration and nodded. “I will make sure Jin is safe. Even if I don’t get to be with him in the end.”

“If you don’t get to be with him? If Rick is gone there won’t be anything else to keep you two apart right?”

“We will have to wait and see.” Jackson noticed the look in her eyes and it only made him want to question her more, but Nanami is one that will never tell someone something unless she feels they need to know… and when it came to her plans on getting rid of Rick and everything else that takes place after…. She wasn’t giving anyone any kind of information.

He watched as she walked away and turned back to watch his show, when he noticed Nanami’s phone buzzing on the coffee table. He eyed it curiously for a moment before deciding he was in a nosy mood and picked it up to check her messages. “1 New Message On BTS Fan Cafe” Jackson smirked and opened the message only to be met by a video message from Jin. “Oh! And the plot thickens!” He hurriedly pushed play and waited for the video to load in amusement.

“ARMY’s I apologize for everything that happened at today’s fan meet. I was not conducting myself in a professional manner when I tried to chase after…. I deeply apologize for the meeting getting cut short due to the alarm.

Aside from that I am very thankful to you all. I have received your messages and seen your call to action in an attempt to find.... Um, thank you for taking care of me. I promise to do the same in return.”

Jackson snorted and shook his head.

“I would like to explain that she is in fact trying to avoid me because of what happened with the anti-fan and I have not been showing you all the love you deserve, due to my worry of her wellbeing. I will continue to search for her, and I will work to show you all a better me. I apologize for the worry that I have caused and promise to work on presenting myself better.”

“Hey Nanami!” Jackson looked up from the phone and laughed. “You might want to see this!”


It was a nightmare. All she had done was walk into the store to gather supplies and they had noticed her. At times like these she cursed over the fact that foreigners stood out in Korea. He had just made that video a few days ago and already every ARMY in Korea was searching for her. Nanami peaked around the corner to see if she had finally lost the mob that had been chasing her their cameras out and shooting every movement she made.

“Looks like I am running out of time.” Nanami sighed loudly and leaned her head against the wall. She had thought she would be able to hide from Levi but with fans posting videos of her on the boy’s fan pages she realized she didn’t have nearly enough time to finish what she had started. It was only a matter of time before Levi realized she was staying with Jackson. Then there would be nothing stopping them from marching over and demanding answers.

Nanami held the bags in her hands tightly and peaked around the corner again. “Looks like I’m free.” With one final deep breath she took off at a quick walk needing to get off the street and away from any kind of BTS fan who may have seen his video.

(4 Hours Later)

Nanami wiped the sweat from her forehead and admired her work. The warehouse was silent and she marveled at how fitting it was that everything started in this warehouse and would soon end there as well. She had worked hard to prepare for her special guest… and now all that was left was to invite him. Nanami looked down at the vibrant colored envelopes in her hand a chuckle passing her lips. It seemed she always delivered Jin bad news with each letter she sent. “Maybe I won’t break his heart with letters in our next life.” Time had run out and it seemed the war would finally start tonight.

Nanami picked up her phone and dialed a number quickly. “Jackson, I need you to deliver something for me.”


Jackson stood unmoving on their door step. He was unsure if he should follow Nanami’s instructions or go along with what he felt was right. The voice in the back of his head told him if he waited until tomorrow to deliver these letters it might be too late.


He turned and smiled sheepishly at Levi. She stood next to Yoongi a few bags of groceries in his hands. “Hey Levi. Long time no see.”

“Unless you are here to tell me where Nanami is, I am too busy to deal with you right now.” Levi moved past him and opened the dorm door. Yoongi walked in behind her and motioned for Jackson to follow them.

“Well up until a few hours ago I could have told you where to find her actually.”

Levi dropped the items in her hands and spun around pointing her long index finger in Jackson’s face. “You know where she is?”

“I KNEW where she WAS.” He corrected shaking his head. “As for where she disappeared to? I have no idea.” He watched as Jin entered the room to find out what the noise was about. “If that one hadn't gone all ‘fans help me’ she probably wouldn’t have run off again. With the way she was acting I think she moved up her plans to be rid of Rick.”

Levi’s face almost turned pale as the realization that she had run out of time dawned on her. She didn’t have to know what Nanami had planned to know that it wasn't going to end well. “Damn it.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jin walked up closer to the new face standing in his living room and talking so casually about Nanami. “What is she going to do?”

Jackson shrugged his shoulders. “All I knew is that I was supposed to deliver these to you tomorrow.” He held out the stack if envelopes to a puzzled Jin.

Jin looked down at the piece of paper in Jackson's hands. A look of total horror made its way across his face and he wondered for a moment if he could pretend he didn’t see it. Letters from Nanami has turned in to the things of his nightmares, but what if she had given him some clue on how to find her.

He slowly opened the letter and peeled open the paper….

Pretty Boy,

I am not going to beat around the bush, and I am not going to pretend that what has happened hasn't.

By the time you read this letter… I will have already left this world. I will have taken down Rick and in the process forfeited my own beating heart. I’m sorry……….

Jin’s legs wobbled a bit and he looked up at Levi who had a similar horrified expression on her face. “She is going to kill Rick.” Levi’s voice said softly.

Jin looked down at the paper once more. “And herself.”

Well that is all for this loverly chapter of Diamonds. I will try to have the next chapter out as soon as possible... maybe even Tuesday if I have the free time. Let me know what you guys are thinking about how the story is going. As always I hope you are enjoying it!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoyed it!

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