AOT screen shot game

My bestfriend is Annie, this isnt that bad I honestly like Annie and the fact that she's a titan, maybe she'd protect me.

Jean! This is cool, I think. . . .I can't really remember to be honest. I feel like Jean was a cool character I mean he survived the first season so he must've been important and valuable some how. I think I'm happy with this.

Honestly this is kinda terrifying yet I'm kinda happy about it xD

The best teacher ever! hopefully I'll survive longer thanks to this xD

Does this mean I'm a super smart super skilled human like Mikasa or just normal? I'm going with brilliant like Mikasa because then I'll survive longer xD


This was fun although if it were real life I'd be a goner xD Thank you for tagging me@OtakuDemon10 if you wanna play OtakuDemon10 posted a card with the link

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