Kcon LA 2016 Pictures... So Many Pictures

OMG I took over 4000 pictures.... So it is taking me a while to go through them all. My experience at KCON was amazing. I got to high touch both Turbo and Eric Nam. I actually cried, like legit cried in front of Eric Nam. He was so sweet to me as I cried fangirl tears T^T In this picture I am the purple haired girl. This was just a small group of us Vinglers that met up! Let me tell you. Some of the best people I have ever had the chance to meet. Seriously new best friends. The picture also features these ladies Thirst Squad @IsoldaPazo@Sailynn@Junhwanbae92

I will start off with the pictures of me with Youtubers and chocolate abs men for the whole weekend :) Funny story about Choco abs men. The first pic was them asking me for a picture, so I took one. The second one was the next day and the one I'm standing next to recognized me and asked me to pull up and hold onto his shirt for him. Of course I agreed. That sexy man. lolol Incase you are wanting to compare for height, I'm less than 5 foot tall. NomTom (my favorite - he so cute omg and he so talented) Jre (poor Jre looked so tired) GoToe (Seriously so polite like, omg) Bapmokja & Haeppy (I made them laugh since I commented on how little I was compared to them) Now onto concert pictures for Saturday!! I won't be able to load them all since i took so may but I will put some of my favorites haha. If you want more of them let me know and I will make another card with more. I just don't want to over spam >.>

Thirst Squad @fruitypoptart@BrennaTran@AaliyahNewbell@twistedPuppy@IsoldaPazo@MichalJamerson@Sailynn@kolai4@pharmgirlerin@Junhwanbae92

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