Okay But Why Is Zelo Rapping with a Banana?

I'm going to be honest here - I'm not really digging the new BAP song.

After the first chorus + verse I just skipped to Zelo's part hoping it would salvage the song for me, but instead I found him rapping with a banana in his hand.

I honestly couldn't even pay attention to his rap because of the banana and dancing girls.

The song will probably grow on me cause its catchy, but it doesn't feel like BAP to me.

Not saying anything bad about them since I'm sure this was more a TS Ent thing than a BAP thing but, yeah :/

I still support them and wish them the best in everything because they seem like genuinely awesome guys but this just wasn't MY jam this time.

Does anyone else feel differently? Or at least know why Zelo had a banana lol?

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