Remember when GOT7 was like this...?

Let's take a trip to IGOT7s' memory lane!

JB was asked to talk about his members and what they were to him.

Yes, that was his cute expression. ;-; We still love him. ^^

Then Got7, minus JB, were asked, "What does Got7 mean to you?" They didn't get Mark btw.

Here's the video. ^-^ I(J-)hope you liked this card! If so, follow my collection (#shamelesspromotion) and as always did you laugh, smile, or fangirl? Question of this card: What is GOT7 to you? #deepquestion My answer: Got7 is the first band that got me into kpop properly and they are my feels, soul and life!Without them, I wouldn't even be into kpop!

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