1. Almost a year and a half 2. Jimin, dat boi couldn't control himself, made me feel some kind of way you know lol 3. Namjoonie~~~ Rap Mon a.k.a Runch Randa, Joonie, Pink Mon, etc. 4. All of them lmao, goddammit bangtan. 5. Hehe a month. Like even during school I would write their names down on paper then I would think, "Wait there's 6 names who did I forget?!?! Fudge...Oh wait it's (name)! You dumbo -.-" 6. It seems like I did lol 7. YES and I always rewatch them 8. I just did this year. I got a hat, album, and posters at KCON and I'm purchasing lomo cards at the moment. But, friend of mine gave me a bts sweater as a promotion present that I'm so thankful for. For sure I'm going to get her an awesome present when her bday comes up! 9. I don't have a specific fav, I think they're all good. 10. No More Dream Yasss 11. Jin, I'm so motherly with my friends and when they make stupid jokes, I'm just like *shakes head* , I like light pink a little, me like food a lot hehe, but I'm a horrible cook so that I can't relate to him XD. 12. Jimin, I always feel a brotherly vibe from him, he seems like the bro who you could talk to about anything and he'll listen and give advice. 13. Taehyung, I know he'll become such a great actor in the future! 14. It's has to be either Run Or War Of Hormone 15. NO MORE DREAM @amobigbang here you go lol @senia ~namjoonie

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