So I just saw blackpinks debut showcase, dang that was really lit but I have a feeling or a little vibe of 2ne1 have you all noticed that? I don't know maybe ota just me I'm still learning more about them don't know fully their names right now but boombaya was pretty little and the other song too!!

the first music video was a little bit trippy bit I like the hip-hop vibe to be honest that whistle is so catchy!

for the second song was boombaya well that song it's more like an edm/electronic with a summer vibe I kind of liked it!

as you can see it was pretty lit!

and really sexy concept not a girly type as usual ~

"whistle" song.. enjoy!

and finally they appear and show their adorable faces!

album "square one" will drop tomorrow at 8pm what do you guys think?


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