BLACK Pink Debut

So, I watched their dance practice video a few months ago of them dancing to Rhianna's song BBHMM and was amazed. Since then I wasn't really keeping up with their movements and what they were up too, but bless my friend. She got me HIP to their killer debut today and they blew me out the water. the dance is on point. The cinematography is on point. The song is on point. Everything is on point. They almost killed my phone for heavens sake.

Share their video video around and get them more views and let your love explode!!!

Hi, I'm Jazmine. I am an avid K-pop lover. I can't express how amazing it is. K-pop makes me happy and brightens my day. I know that sounds corny, but it's the truth. I joined vingle to find some more people that enjoy K-pop because where I live is as dry as the desert when it comes to finding K-pop fans. Anywho, I'm just gonna fan girl till my hearts content. DEUCES!!!
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