Revelry I.3 Part 3


Moving day has arrived. You’re prepared to fight the guys in case they want to ‘hire’ someone to come move your stuff when you only have 2 suitcases and a handful of boxes. Jak will be harder to move; however, since she’s holding out on renting for a bit, she is leaving all the furniture.

Most of the day will be spent at your new apartment, so you take care of all of Jak’s stuff first.

“Babe, really?” asks Ji as she hands him a garbage bag full of stuffed animals.

“What?” she looks at him with a sharp eye. “You gave me half of those, none of them are leaving.”

He smiles, touched that they mean so much to her but shakes his head at the same time, what a packrat.

Gil leans over and whispers in your ear, “Thank you for not having the same fetish.”

You look away quickly and suck in your lips. He turns you around, “ do?”

You shrug, “Not as much as Jak. She still has a room full at home.”

He looks at you, studying you with a funny look. He finally turns and smacks your butt as he passes, “Good, more interesting things to discover.”

You frown and rub your bum, you’ll get even for that. His words however, have put a smile on your face. He wants more to discover about you, that means he isn’t bored with you yet. You pick up another one of the trash bags with Jak’s clothes and follow them out to the cars with a bounce in your step.

Everything gets dumped in the guest room at Jiyong’s.

“I’ll have someone come hang all those up this week,” he states as he closes the door on the now full room.

“I can hang up my own things, you don’t have to have anyone come do it. I’ll never find anything if you do!”

He grabs her by the shoulders, “Babe. I know you. They will sit there until we head to the US and then you will rip them all open and fling everything around until you find what you want. Then we will be gone and leaving a tornado strung room.”

She pouts, “Fine. But I can do it, I just have to want to.”

You walk up to them and put your head on her shoulder.

“We have today and tomorrow for moving. Cleaning doesn’t need to be done yet. I’ll come over tomorrow and help her get it all hung up.”

He looks over your head to Gil who just shrugs, then wanders towards the front door for the last bag.

Jak stretches up and gives Ji a peck on the lips.

“There. You know she’s my task master. If we don’t get it done, I can hire someone to come do it. You don’t need to.”

On your way out the door you stop and turn around, “Wait! You’re going home? When?”

“Yeah, my brothers are on the war path,” she laughs. “Ji finally broke down and talked to my mom on Skype.” She rolls her eyes, “He now talks to her almost more than he does me!”

You have to laugh, “Admit it, your mom’s easy to talk to and she knows you pretty well. If I didn’t know you so well, I might talk to her more than I do. I’m sure he’s just asking advice about you, I don’t see that as a bad thing.”

“It’s weird. But she says my dad did that with her mom too.”

Jak shrugs, than continues; “Anyway, over protective big brothers and wives are pestering me constantly now. Mom talks about Jiyong now and updates them on everything, they feel left out. They can’t afford to fly their families over so Ji took some time and we’re going home for a couple of weeks.”

You pout a little, “I'm jealous. I would love to go home and see everyone.”

“So come with us. You have vacation time with your new title don’t you?”

Kyungil comes up behind and wraps his arms around your waist, “Vacation time for what?”

“Jak and Jiyong are heading to the states to go visit her family. I was just saying I’m jealous, that’s all.”

“When are you guys heading out?”

“In a couple of weeks. Ji has to finish up a project and then he has a space where he can work from anywhere. I mentioned to [YN] that she should come with us, but you can too.” She looks up at Gil with a mischevious smile.

Your eyes widen, she knows you’re nervous to introduce Kyungil to your family, what is she trying to do?

“Let me check my schedule and with the guys, we might just be able to do that.”

He kisses the top of your head and wanders off to find Ji. You give Jak a scowl that she simply laughs off while she pushes you out the door.

At the new apartment, you arrive just as the first deliveries start. Thankfully you’d ordered all the furniture from the same store. Other deliveries are coming from delivery services.

“I definitely like moving you better,” Jiyong states as he puts the three boxes he was carrying down. “One trip and done.”

You laugh. “Well, I’ve lived here a lot less time. I’m sure it will be different when we move out of here.”

There’s a tap on the open front door and you all turn to see Seunghyun standing there with a large painting in his hand.

“Hey!” Kyungil goes over and gives him a bro hug. He extends his arm to the apartment, “Welcome, come on in.”

“Thank you,” he smiles, fist bumps Jiyong and measures Jak for the day. They smile and nod, “wassup?” she mumbles and he laughs. He turns to you and extends the painting, “A house warming gift.”

You’ve met T.O.P. a couple of times when you went clubbing; otherwise, Gil usually goes over to his house to hang when you and Jak get together.

“Thank you,” you bow as you take the painting with two hands.

“What’s left to help with?” he turns and asks.

“You missed all the hard parts,” Jiyong teases him.

“That would have been on purpose,” he smiles, his dimples clearly showing with his humor.

Jiyong picks up one of the new throw pillows and aims it at his head. Gil steps in between and catches it mid throw.

“Hey, throw your own pillows!”

“You’ve thrown ALL my pillows!” They complain back at him, in sync.

“Yes, but let [YN] have them for at least a day before you get even.”

He turns to hand you the pillow and is hit both by Seunghyun and Jiyong from opposite directions, with different pillows.

He turns in shock and retaliation starts. You just stand and stare as three grown men become 12 yr olds. Jak dodges and skirts around them, laughing. She grabs her phone and starts taking pictures. You can’t help but join in the laughter; they really are just a bunch of grown up boys. Boys that work hard and deserve to blow off a little stress.

Jak nudges you, “Come on; let’s put that in the other room and grab sodas. This might be a while.”


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