False Innocence Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Who: BTS x Reader

Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff

Warning: Mild Language

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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.


You looked at your phone weirdly because Taehyung was asking where you were. ‘He won’t come here, will he?’ You thought as you shrugged and put your phone in your blazer. Seeing a book that caught your eye you pulled it off the shelf and started reading the summary. Holding onto it you continued to walk through the store seeing if there were any other books you might want. You stopped at the manga section and smiled to yourself. ‘I haven’t bought a manga in so long,’ You thought as you lightly touched the cover of one. “If you like that genre of manga, might I suggest this one here,” a worker said pointing at another manga. You thanked them and opened the book. Reading panel by panel you were instantly sucked in.

You weren’t sure how long you stood there reading the manga but someone suddenly said your name. You looked up from the manga and saw a tired Taehyung. He was hunched over on his knees, small beads of sweat across his forehead. “Kim Taehyung,” you asked looking at him. He stood up and took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I found you,” he said through heavy breaths. You suddenly remembered you were holding the manga in your hand and sat it quickly back on the stack of books slightly embarrassed. “W-What are you doing here? Why are you breathing so heavily? Why are you sweating,” you asked being both confused and concerned.

“I..” Taehyung started and nervously looked around the bookstore.

He grabbed your hand and started to pull you out of the bookstore. “Wait! I have a book,” you said trying to get free of his grip. He took the book out of your hands and sat it on a nearby table and then continued to drag you out of the store. The grip of his hand on yours was strong and hurt slightly. The further you got from the bookstore the stronger his grip became. You winced in pain and said, “Kim Taehyung, you’re hurting me.” He let go of your hand and turned to you. You held your hand to your chest and started rubbing it with the other. “I-I’m sorry [Y/N]. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry, are you okay?” Taehyung asked taking your hand from you gently and examining it. You watched as he gently caressed your hand and this made you blush. You took your hand back from him and said, “Yeah I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“Of course I’m going to worry. I’m sorry I really didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I know. It’s okay. But where were we going? Why are you here?”

Taehyung blushed and didn’t know what to say. You stood there waiting for an answer. A loud ringing came from your pocket so you looked at your phone and saw it was home calling. “Hello,” you answered, “Yeah I’m on my way home. No I had some food with a friend. Sorry mom. I stopped by the bookstore. I should be home in about ten minutes. Love you too mom.” You hung up your phone and slipped it back into your pocket. “Listen Kim Taehyung I’m not sure what’s going on but I need to go home. Are you okay? You haven’t answered me,” you asked him worried. “Let me take you home. It’s getting dark,” he said his expression looking stiff. You nodded agreeing to have him walk with you.

The two of you started the walk back to your home and neither you or Taehyung said anything. The only sound you heard was the sound of your own heart beat. It radiated in your ears. You wanted to calm your heart but you couldn’t. A boy was walking you home. Correction, a cute boy was walking you home. Wait wait wait, Taehyung. Kim Taehyung was walking you home. After fully realizing the situation you took in a deep breath and closed your eyes. You stayed like this as you walked for a few steps. Keeping your eyes closed you let the breath out of your lungs. “Are you okay,” Taehyung asked. Your eyes shot open and you looked over at him. “Y-Yeah, everything is good here,” You said and started to laugh nervously. He looked down at you with narrowed eyes and a sly smile. “You never answered me earlier. You were acting weird. Are you okay,” you asked quickly trying to change the subject from you.

Taehyung stopped walking. You walked a few steps before you noticed and turned around. You tilted your head to the side and looked at him. He was staring at the ground so you couldn’t see his face. “Saturday,” Taehyung said then slowly looked up to see your face. His eyes being a combination of dark and gentle, met yours. You stood there feeling yourself getting nervous. “Sat-” you started before you were cut off.

“Come to my game on Saturday.”

Your eyes widened slightly and your face turned red. Your heart racing slightly, you swore Taehyung could have heard it beating in your chest.

“Come to my game Saturday. It’s at the school and starts at noon. After the game..” Taehyung paused for a moment making you feel more nervous. Taehyung took a deep breath and continued, “Go somewhere with me after the game.” His cheeks were a light shade of pink.

You felt your heart quicken more so. It was hard to believe it could beat any faster. You were unable to say anything so all you did was nod bringing your eyes away from his and to the ground. You heard his footsteps come toward you. Your breath catching with every step. He was so close now. You watched as his hand slowly grab yours. “Your hand is soft,” he said as he held it gently. You nodded again as you continued to look at the ground. He gripped your hand, but this time his grip was soft and gentle. He continued walking in the direction of your home and all you could do was follow. You looked up to see his back in front of you as you walked behind him. You looked down to your hands and blushed more. ‘W-what is happening....’ you thought trying to fully understand the situation.

After walking for a while longer Taehyung suddenly stopped causing you to walk into his back. He started laughing at you and you nervously giggled a little as well. Still holding your hand he turned to you and said, “Umm.. I don’t know where your house is.” You suddenly realized you had, had your head down this entire time. Looking around, you realized you had passed your house. You looked up at Taehyung and said, “It’s just around this corner here.” Taehyung nodded and started walking. Instead of walking behind him like before you walked beside him. You tightened your grip on his hand and he returned the same.

After turning the corner you pointed to a random house saying it was yours. Stopping short of the gate Taehyung squeezed your hand lightly. You smiled and looked up at him. He smiled sweetly back at you and looked down at your hands. He brought his other hand to play with your braid and asked, “Will you come on Saturday?” You stood there a moment watching him look at your hands. “Yeah, I’ll come.” He looked down at you and shined his signature boxy smile. You returned the smile and regretfully let go of his hand. “I have to go home now. And i’m sure your parents are wondering where you are,” you said looking a little disappointed. He let out a heavy sigh and said, “Yeah you’re right.” His phone started ringing and he pulled it out of his pocket. Taehyung let out a small laugh and showed you his phone. “Speak of the devil,” he said as you read Mom across the phone screen. “Hello?” he answered and waved goodbye to you.

You stood there watching him walk away. You let out a heavy breath and said a little too loudly, “Oh my god how could I be so stupid and walk by my own house!?” Taehyung turned around and flashed you an "OK" sign. You smiled awkwardly realizing you said that loudly and waved at him. He turned back around and headed off. You started jogging a different route to get back to your home. Making sure to avoid seeing Taehyung again.

Jimin POV

Jimin listened as his aunt called Taehyung asking him where he was. Jimin did his best to cover for him but aunty isn’t an easy one to fool. That or Jimin was actually a terrible liar. Jimin pulled out his phone and texted Taehyung.

To: Taehyung

Message: Sorry. I tried to cover for you. Where are you?

From: Taehyung

Message: All the way across town... I’m in a taxi now on my way home.

Jimin laughed a little at the fact that Taehyung was taking a taxi home. His phone buzzed again and he read the message.

From: Taehyung

Message: Make an excuse to leave the house. Meet me at the convenience store a couple blocks down.

Jimin looked at his phone weirdly wondering why Taehyung wanted him to leave the house. He walked back to his room and threw a hoodie on over his pajama shirt. He walked to entry way and yelled to his aunt, “Aunty I’m going to the convenience store.” “Why are you going there at this hour,” she yelled back.

“I want barbeque seaweed snack.”

“Okay be careful.”

Jimin slipped his sandals on and headed out the door to the convenience store. He arrived there before Taehyung but he went inside and got himself a snack then sat down on a nearby bench outside. Jimin didn’t have to wait too long before a taxi pulled up and Taehyung exited it. Taehyung noticed Jimin sitting on the bench and he jogged over to him. “Hey, sorry,” he said as he sat down. “So… What’s up,” Jimin asked as he munched on his snack.

“Dude is that barbeque seaweed?”


“That sounds so good. I haven’t eaten yet.”

Jimin gave Taehyung the rest of his snack. After quickly finishing the snack, Taehyung started talking again.

“Well first I want to know how you know [Y/N].”

“[Y/N]? Like I said she is a friend of mine.”

“Do you have a thing for [Y/N]?”

“No. She isn’t my type. Why the sudden interrogation?”

“What did you guys do or talk about while you waited on me?”

Jimin looked at Taehyung weirdly. “Well her and I hung out for quite a while talking about her cooking club she went to. She had some cookies so we started eating them and shared with the others.” Taehyung suddenly looked stiff. “She kept a few to take home to her family I think. The cookies were really good too.” Taehyung clenched his jaw and stood up. Jimin watched as he clenched his fists. “Dude you okay,” Jimin asked. Taehyung let out an aggravated sigh and walked into the convenience store.

As he sat there on the bench waiting for Taehyung, Jimin got the idea to send a text to [Y/N].

To: [Y/N]

Message: Hey! You got a sec?

From: [Y/N]

Message: Yeah what’s up?

To: [Y/N]

Message: I’m guessing you know Taehyung, right? Did something happen between you two?

There was a slight pause before his phone buzzed again. Before reading the message Jimin looked in the convenience store and saw Taehyung approaching the counter. With the way Taehyung was acting he didn’t want him to know he was texting [Y/N].

From: [Y/N]

Message: Yeah I know him. We are in the same class. As for something happening... (・ิ¬・ิ) I am confused and don’t fully understand myself. Maybe we can talk about it at school?

Jimin smiled and was about to text [Y/N] back but Taehyung was sitting down on the bench again. He put his phone away so Taehyung didn’t get suspicious. “Why are you asking so many questions about [Y/N]? How do you know her,” Jimin asked. Taehyung sipped on his coffee and wore an odd expression. “I’m interested in her,” he said finally.

“[Y/N]? Really?” Taehyung nodded in response to Jimin. “[Y/N] isn’t really the type you go after. You usually go after more... “

“More what?”

“I don’t know, just not the type [Y/N] is. Anyway we need to go home. Aunty is worried about you and I don’t want to be involved in the lecture you are going to get.”

Taehyung didn’t protest and followed Jimin as they headed back home. “By the way,” Jimin said, “you left your bike at the school.” Taehyung let out a loud groan as he realized he was going to have to walk to school. Jimin laughed at him and the two talked about nothing in particular the rest of the way home.

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