Minsu Monday!

Time is a blessing ❤ (I forgot today was Monday )

Minsu as Harley Quinn slays me!

MINSU'S NEW HAIR COLOR LOOKS AMAZING RIGHT?! GUYS HE LOOKS SO GOOD! Tagging The Royal Squad:@MelissaGarza@AaliyahNewbell@mbg3t Royal Family:@AimeeH@AnaP@elainarenea@jjrockstar@IsoldaPazo@Isolate@MandyNoona@MichelleIbarra@KaeliShearer@kennaxx@kimnam94@KpopGaby @PrettieeEmm@LinnyOk@Michelle305@JohnEvans@Animezkpopgirl@XergaB20@YarSyn Want to be added/removed from my royal family taglist? (Cards related to Boys Republic)

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Love Love LOVE

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