Kookie Monster Part 44

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Sarah and Jenni had to go back to work. They both were a little sad knowing their boyfriends were still out of the country and wouldn’t be back for several more days. Sarah already planned something big for when she saw Kookie again, and Jenni well she just kept thinking of how happy she would be having Joonie back. She missed seeing his face every day. After the morning show Sarah got a call from Kookie and they were video chatting. She was in the kitchen and set her phone down so she could continue what she was doing while talking to him. “So the other day I got these vegetables from these sweet old ladies and I finally have decided on what I want to make.” Sarah said pulling out a few tomatoes and cucumbers. “What are you going to make?” Kookie asked “Um one I don’t know the name, but it is tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and Italian dressing, and the other is cucumber salad.” Sarah ducked down to open a cupboard to get the cutting board. When one of the glass pans started to fall off the shelf. Sarah screamed and went to catch it but instead hit the back of the hand hard making it stop. She grabbed the pan and put it back in place and then started rubbing her hand. It hurt. “Sarah are you ok!” Kookie yelled. She was still on the floor and he couldn’t see her. She stood up. “Koooookie! I just got hurt by the stupid glass pan.” She whined “Let me see.” She held her hand so he could see it. It was just a little red. “It hurts but I can still move it. So onwards with making food.” She then grabbed the rest of the things she needed. “Sarah maybe you shouldn’t be cooking, at least while I’m not there.” “Oh don’t worry I’m a great cook.” She smiled “Yea I bet you are, but I feel like Jenni’s klutzy is rubbing off on you.” “Hey! Kookie! She is just as klutzy as me she just knows how to cover it up so it looks like she did it on purpose.” Jenni said walking into the kitchen. “Yea, I’m like Yoongi! I have swag!” Sarah laughed and started cutting up the vegetables. Kookie watched as his girlfriend cut up the vegetables and threw them in a bowl. When she finally put the knife in the sink he was happy and relaxed. “So how was work?” he asked “It was ok. We didn’t do much this time. You know this being our 1st day back. They gave us an extra day off after we got back so we could attempt to get rid of the jet lag.” “Oh that is real nice of your boss.” “Yea Boss Man is seriously our Appa, he likes to take care of us, and He knows how we…. Well how we grew up. He really made things so much better living here.” Sarah was finally stirring everything together and put on container in the fridge. Then she started to make the next dish. “What are you doing now?” Kookie asked “Oh I’m just making the dressing for the cucumber salad.” She smiled and started putting things together. “Did you really just put all that together?” he asked “Yea it tastes amazing. Here try.” She said putting a bit on her finger and holding it up to the camera. “Ha-ha very funny I can’t taste it.” He smiled and laughed. Making Sarah smile even bigger. “Ok then when you get back I’ll make you some and you can try it then.” Sarah smiled. The thought of making food for her boyfriend was something she never really thought was a big deal till this moment. When she was with Mike he never let her cook for him. He was the one who cooked and she would cook for herself. She never understood why he never wanted to try it. “Well I can’t wait to get back there so I can taste it. Is there any dishes you would say is your best?” he asked and she had to think about it. “Um.” She reached up into the cupboard to grab the pepper. She was thinking and started shaking the ‘Pepper’ but stopped and she realized she stuck salt into it. “NO!” she said loudly and smacked her head. Jenni came running in. “What happened?” Jenni asked while there was a laughing Kookie on the phone. “I put Salt in the dressing and it was supposed to be pepper.” “Oh good lord. I bet it tastes fine.” Jenni said leaving the room and mumbling. “I’m just going to go to my room and bother Joonie.” Sarah tasted it and then was pleasantly surprised. “So how does it taste?” Kookie asked “It actually tastes good it’s like sweet and sour. It’s not bad at all.” She laughed “Well that’s good.” “Ok so I will say my best dish…or the one I love to make is pasta salad. Its super simple but I enjoy making it and eating it… It kind of is like that dish I put in the fridge but has more ingredients added like pasta and black olives. And some other stuff.” “Ok well when I come back you need to make me some food ok?” Sarah was in shock. Kookie wanted to try her food while Mike didn’t. Kookie was too perfect to her. She was just smiling like an idiot. She quickly put the finished food away and grabbed her phone and went to her room. When she shut the door she finally spoke. “Kookie.” “Yea babe?” “Why… why are you this perfect?” “What do you mean?” “Ok I know you’re the golden maknae but seriously, you are just golden Kookie.” “Sarah what are you talking about?” “I…. I think…….. Kookie…. You…” “I love you.” He said cutting Sarah off. “I love you too…but…” “No there are no buts we love each other and you can’t take it back now.” “I wasn’t going to take it back. I was going to say I think I keep falling harder for you every day.” She giggled. It was now his turn to get shy. “Oh….I…. I feel the same here.” He smiled but his cheeks were a light shade of pink. “Sarah we got to head out or we are going to be late.” Jenni yelled. “Damn I got to go. It was nice talking and seeing you.” “Yea, I wish it was in person though.” “Same here. I’ll text you later ok? “OK.” He said and Sarah did something she thought was a little weird, but since no one would see it besides Kookie she didn’t really care. She kissed the camera so it was like she was kissing him. “I love you!” she said and waved bye. “I love you too have a good show!” he waved back and then they ended the phone call.


“How was your talk with Namjoon?” Sarah asked Jenni as they were walking to work. “Oh it was good. We were talking about random things. “ “Don’t you wish we could just be a part of their crew so we could see them every day when they weren’t in Korea?” Sarah said “No! That job sucks! Although we would be by them all the time, heavy lifting and getting hurt possibly. Wait knowing me I would get hurt everyday. That isn’t something I want to do.” Jenni said laughing. “Ok true!” Sarah laughed too. They made their way into the studio and got ready to go live. “Hello lovely listeners. Its Ruby and Diamond back on air LIVE! We had been on a little vacation but now we are finally back.” Jenni said “Yea we had a great time. Although we wanted to talk about it this morning but we held back until now to talk about it.” “Yea the experience we had was amazing.” “At Kcon LA Ruby was handing out Panda’s and I swear she was pulling them out of nowhere.” Sarah laughed “Diamond I had a bag with me, it was filled with those teeny beanie baby pandas.” “I know now but you had so freaking many.” Sarah and Jenni laughed “Oh yes and Diamond kept handing out business cards. So hopefully we get some of those artists to come in and chat with us.” Jenni said “Oh I want Astro to come here. I wanted to talk to them longer than what I was given. A freaking HI! And a High five and when it was JinJin here have my card.” “Yea I saw them come off the stage I gave one of them a panda.” Jenni said “I wouldn’t put it past you.” “Anyways, we had a lot of fun doing things there and meeting other people and meeting the idols. Ruby got out of her comfort zone just enough. “Jenni said clapping her hands together. “Ruby why are you talking about yourself?” Sarah questioned her “Oh I don’t know, I just did it.” She laughed The show went by fast for the girls. They were glad to be back once they got there. They wouldn’t want any other job. After the show they went out to eat. “Hey Lets call up the guys of Got7!” Sarah said pulling out her phone. “Sure. Why not, but I’m not paying” Jenni laughed. Sarah called JB. “Hello.” “Hey JB, come out and eat with us!” “Sarah are you drunk?” he asked “No we just finished our show and we are hungry, bring the guys and meet us at that BBQ place by your work. Please!!!!!” “Ok, we do need to eat anyways.” “Yay! Ok well see you in a few!” “Ok, bye” he hung up “Yay! They are going to eat with us let’s go!” Sarah said pulling Jenni the direction of the BBQ. After a little while they arrived, they saw the boys standing outside. They didn’t scream like they wanted to, because they didn’t want to cause unnecessary attention. Sarah snuck up behind Jackson. “AHHHH” she screamed in his ear while grabbing him. He screamed as well and turned around. “Don’t do that!” he said and everyone started laughing. “Hi Jenni” Mark said “Hey what about me you butt.” Sarah poked his shoulder. “Hi Sarah.” “No I don’t want it now. You can shove that hi where the sun don’t shine.” Sarah pouted and turned to the maknaes. “Hi Sarah and Jenni” They both said. “Good boys. Hi! How are my favorite maknaes of GOT7 doing?” she asked hugging them. “We are good…but starving.” Yugyeom said “Yea let’s go eat.” Jenni said and they all walked into the restaurant. The guys order while the girls waited. “Jenni I’m mad at you!” Jackson said finally. “What! Why?” she questioned being shocked “You didn’t give me a panda, but you gave Amber one.” “Here’s a panda” She pulled one out of her purse. “What! You really carry panda’s with you everywhere.” Junior asked “You never know when someone is going to want a panda.” She said setting her purse down. “Well what about us? Youngjae said “Hold on I got this.” Sarah said and pulled out her phone and text Dominic. After a few minutes Dominic walked in with a bag and handed it to Sarah. “Special delivery” Dominic said with a smile. “Thanks Dom!” “Yea, no problem. Now can I ask why you are out with these guys and not your boyfriends?” he asked “Oh they are out of the country till the 16th so we have a few more days without them.” Sarah said “Dom what did you bring Sarah?” Jenni asked and Sarah started laughing like crazy. “Oh god what did you do?” JB said Sarah continued to laughing crazily as she pulled out several tigers. “I need a tiger army!” Sarah said finally. “What! Dom how could you!” Jenni screamed at him. “She asked nicely for them.” “Go get me panda’s right now!” By this time everyone was dying of laughter. Sarah gave everyone but Jackson a tiger. “What about me?” he said with a pout. “You already got a panda.” Sarah said cuddling into the last tiger. “But I want a tiger too!” Jackson did Aegyo and Sarah put her head down and held out the tiger for Jackson to take. “I can’t with him.” Sarah said “Dom if you don’t get me panda’s right now I will never speak to you again!” and he quickly left. Jenni laughed. “Geez Jenni you are so mean when you want pandas.” Sarah said with a laugh. “I want panda’s and you brought lions!” “Tigers” Sarah corrected her “See I’m so upset I can’t even say it right.” “Oh look foods here” Mark said stopping the girls from talking. After a while and small chitchat they finished their food and decided to go get desert and hang out some more. As they were walking to get ice cream Jenni’s phone went off. She answered the phone. “Hi Joonie!” she was all happy and stopped walking. “What are you doing now?” Namjoon asked “Oh going to get Ice cream. How about you? “Jenni asked “I’m getting ready to go on stage.” He said “Oh cool!” “Come on Jenni, Why did you stop walking. We want Ice cream and can’t leave you behind. “Mark said “Who was that?” Namjoon asked “It’s mark. Hey I’ll let you go. Have a good show. I love you.” She said and hung up. “Oh, was that your boyfriend?” Mark asked “Yup he is the 2nd best man I have ever known.” “Who’s the first?” mark asked “My brother.” She laughed “and Boss man is the third he moved down when Joonie came into play.” “Oh. Well I’m a little bummed I didn’t meet you before him. You’re a great girl.” Mark said “Thanks, you’re a great guy too. You’ll find someone though.” “JENNIII WHY DID YOU HANG UP ON NAMJOON?” Jackson yelled from a distance “I DIDN’T I SAID I LOVE YOU AND HUNG UP ITS NOT LIKE I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING” she yelled back. Jackson was closer now so they could talk at a normal volume. “He called me to see what was going on. I told him we were hanging out all of us.” Jackson said “Ok?” she was confused why it was a problem. “He wants you to call him later.” “Ok I will. I have to wait till the concerts over so what like 11 I’ll call him.”

Jenni: Hey go make sure to plug Kookie’s phone in. Joonie: He’s still up, he can do it. Jenni: Trust me he is asleep, but now I’m heading to bed night babe. Joonie: Ok I’ll go check. Jenni shut the light off in Sarah’s room and went to her room and was about to fall asleep. Joonie: You were right, he was out. I plugged it in and turned him off like momma Jin should have done. Good night babe.Joonie: I Love You Jenni!

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