I was (finally!) watching a fancam video from BTS's KCON LA performance and there was something very familiar about V's outfit.

(gif is not mine but I couldn't find the original post to give credit)

It took a minute but then it dawned on me: he could have based his look on my son's wardrobe when he was about 4. Even that haircut is the same. (Although Edmund was going through a phase where he only wanted to wear dress shoes with everything at that age)

Because I'm a mom and therefore weird and sentimental, I saved some of his favorite clothes from when he was little. This shirt was still hanging in a closet here, a favorite from when he was 3 or 4.

Maybe this is why I always feel like I should take care of V? 😂

I guess I shouldn't be surprised; Edmund is pretty seriously weird (and very entertaining), too. Perhaps they are birds of a feather.

I'm beginning to think that my favorite genre of music is "men who have unusual taste in clothing, wear more makeup than I do, and appear to never age" because that's about all that my favorite bands have in common.
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