Ultimate Bias

My Ultimate Bias: I have 3. Bobby of iKON Jackson of Got7 J-Hope of BTS

Jackson used to be my only Ultimate Bias, for a very long time. If I had a bad day, I would always watch Got7 stuff because they cheered me up, espically Jackson. I eventually became sick. I get severe headaches to the point when I collasp or I can't see. I won't eat sometimes because my stomach hurts so bad. This was really hard for me because I missed work due to them, I missed a whole week of school, I couldn't go out with my friends, and I became very depressed. I really became closer to BTS around that time and J-Hope came into my life. When I was at the hospital, they gave me meds that made me feel like I was drowning even though I wasn't. I would constantly say "I'm your hope, your angel, J-Hope." over and over to try amd calm down. I wanted to go to KCON NY but due to the fact it was expensive and being at a concert may not be a good idea for my health, my mom told me I couldn't go. I was devastated. I wanted to go for my birthday. I remember I cried for weeks straight because I couldn't go. It seemed silly to everyone around me. But this was my chance to thank Hoseok and the rest of BTS for what they have done for me. My mom was able to buy the tickets and surprise me. One of my best friends got to go to KCON and I even got to make a friend! The night of the BTS concert, I was shaking I was so excited and nervous to seem them in person. I wasn't close at all, but even so, my heart was pounding. I sang along to every song. When they intoduced themself, J-Hope went first. He said "I'm your hope! You are my hope! J-Hope!" I cried, I cried and I cried. For the rest of the night I cried. My best friend held me while I cried. I kept screaming thank you to them even though it was hopeless. My friends cried too. Even though my illness isn't something that is severe. It still was hard for me to get through. Please don't comment and say that I could have it worse, because I know I could have it worse. The point of my story is. No matter what you are going through and you feel like you may never see your bias or ultimate bias. Don't give up hope. I did, and I got to see one of my Ult. Bobby is my one of my ultimate biases because we grew up not to far from each other. I think it's pretty cool. I also admire him for what he has accomplished. Like winning Show Me The Money 3. :)

I already kinda answered this lmao

I would definitely rather have coffee with them. I feel like as cool as it would be to see them live (Like iKON and BTS live sign me up) I feel like I could get to know them better while getting coffee.

For Jackson. there is a vine where he meets a donkey and he just is the fluffiest little thing. Hobi, when he introduces himself espically KCON NY. Bobby, when Junhwan said "Let's get Fucked up!" and Bobby was like "No you didn't just say that!"

Nah, if anything I will be adding more to the list hahahahahaha *cries*

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