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Okay, let's get started! 1. Since the Boy in Luv era (a year after I got into kpop) 2. Idek so I'm just going to say the whole group (damn bias wreckers) 3. I say Suga but tbh it's too hard to pick 4. Every. Single. One. 5. A few hours (I was sick so I had all the time in the world) 6. I've seen most, there's so many 7. Yes! How I've seen all the Bombs but not all the Vlogs don't ask 8. No... im a poor Army 9. Suga's diss (I wonder why lol) 10. I Like It, it sounds so cute and fun but the lyrics and it's really catchy 11. Yoongi! I'm very indifferent yet I can have fun and work hard when I'm serious about something. I will never show I care for you directly. You'll have to read between the lines. 12. Hobi! He already has a sister one and two he just has that personality. (He's not the only one though) 13. Well Tae is already going for it so besides him I would say Jin 14. I don't really have one 15. No More Dream MV

So there you go! B.A. Squad:@resavalencia@MelissaGarza@VeronicaArtino@LemonLassie@vipgirl5@MichelleIbarra@StefaniTre@CrystalGuerra@RKA916@Michelle305@StefaniTre@DalyRomero@minimanim3@CrystalGuerra@JaxomB@SugaOnTop@AvisSpirit@SugaMint@Animezkpopgirl Advanced Group:@MrsJungHoseok@kanatm@hanheeyoung1126@shellyfuentes70@HopeYoongi Random:@VatcheeAfandi99@twistedPuppy

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